Gift Art and Requests

11 May 2018

Several beautiful new additions to Synthean's sequence "Fashionable Problems".

31 March 15

 A very nicely designed piece platypus-girl gift art by deliciousTFs.

Also, a very nice pinup of Gany by immortaltom.  Love the retro look.

21 March 15

A colored version of a cluedog South Pacific Follies page - colored by Technosasquatch!

Zdemian's entry to last year's art contest has developed a 5th page!

In a similar format to Mr-DNA's chain sequence, I commissioned two stages in Gnome-oo's new dream chain for Silk.

20 February 15

Technosasquatch produced a beautifully colored version of my original streaming commission from immortaltom.

20 December 2014

One more pic for this year - what a cute pig-girl from synthean!

6 November 2014

A beautiful pic from OdysseusUT intended for the last caption challenge, that just didn't make it in time.

11 October 2014

An excellent bimbo transformation sequence from Amazeroth.  Originally intended to fit the theme of Art Contest #7, and TransRepo Industries - didn't quite make it in time as an entry.

2 October 2014

Some great bonus pics from Mr-DNA - follow-ups to "Be Stole My Heart" (and part 2).

Just one look at Angela and Winifred with their respective "final proportions".

And also one of Bel (another character) as she might have turned out after trying on the stole:

24 August 2014

A great cover Pink-Diapers put together based on her recent commission for me on the Wishing Stones.

22 June 2014

A sweet little TG animation put together by TG-Spain.

2 June 2014

Not quite a normal commission, it seemed that these images would fit better in this setting.

Mr-DNA has an excellent ongoing fan-driven sequence project by the name of "Angela's Magic Lesson."  Naturally, I had to get in on some of that TF action...even if one of the concepts expanded in a different direction.

Of course, to be fair, a good chunk of the fun....especially with the reading the excellent captions and extremely detailed descriptions that Mr-DNA has come up for each and every entry....quite original I must say!  So please check out the original entries - linked below each pic.

A little junk in the trunk.....

Some maid action....

Bit of a split here

And for the movie fan in me....

12 February 2014

A great follow-up to the Fashion Pageant by Mr-DNA.

25 December 2012

Synthean's incredibly generous 2012 holiday art!

9 December 2012

justinblong's alt-version of "Once Bitten".

Amazing poodle-girl rendition by the Temp-Tress!

15 September 2012

MDetector5 version of Mac:

Gift art from in-FUR-no

2 September 2012

Beautiful art request-granted by foxfurrier:

16 August 2012

Gift art from FurCo:

4 August 2012

A great answered request by Yehuna:

27 July 2012

2 more animated gifs by Nobunaga.

27 June 2012

A beautiful sequence by Synthean - commissioned by False Princess.  Malena is an original character belonging to False Princess.

27 May 2012

Two more animations from Nobunaga - this time we have some excellent TG demonstrations.

20 May 2012

Two animations from Nobunaga.  The posted images show stages from the animations, while the animations themselves can be downloaded by clicking on the links (large files).

16 May 2012

Beautiful photomorph by something-wild.  More of a request than gift-art, but still fits here.

01 March 2012

Older pic from Ian T. Dote.  Very happy to feature it here.

14 September 2011

Beautiful bonus pic from Mr-DNA.

9 August 2011

Another poodle-girl sequence by up-and-comer Darkoshen!

15 June 2011

A great little poodle-girl sequence by Mrpersonperson!

18 April 2011

A beautiful piece of gift art from Synthean!

In his words, "a couple of young archaeologists stumbled upon the amazingly well-preserved temple of the Egyptian cat goddess, Bastet, and fell under the spell of her equally well-preserved high priestess."


7 April 2011

Nugget has been improving his process recently.  We now have a photomorph sequence!:

2 April 2011

A beautiful follow-up bonus pic to his brilliant Samus sequence by Jacques00 .

27 March 2011

A very interesting advertisement FurCo passed to me.

29 January 2011

Some gift art photomorphs from the excellent in-FUR-no.

22 January 2011

Two more gift photomorphs from Nugget.

16 January 2011

An Alien sequence by Duke.

31 December 2010

More gift photomorphs from Nugget.

21 December 2010

Several gift photomorphs from new artist Nugget!

4 December 2010

A gift from Pink-Diapers - actually a modified drawing based on an image I sent her.  I think it turned out beautifully.  Just a little AB action in fur ;p - may request a few more of these in the future.

27 November 2010

A great little gift from Zanfadar - this guy is very fast and very good.  Great to work with too.

15 September 2010

Playing catch-up here - a few gifts from the last month or so (and actually one from almost a year ago - but don't remember the dates).

BoJay - Asian Snow Angel bonus pic

FurCo - Ringmaster

Snareser - Who's the Cow Now?

15 February 2010

A great little birthday sketch from Cluedog featuring a couple of characters from the as-yet-unrealized sequel to "Crossing the Street".