Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mr-DNA - Be Stole My Heart - The Conclusion

A tie?  Are you serious?  How does a poll like this wind up tied?  I don't even know what to say....I'm speechless.

I guess it saves me a post though - we'll just show both of them in this same post - hope you're could have had me draw this out another few days ;p

That said, it's still some amazing art that Mr-DNA whipped up and I'm not disappointed about sharing it with you at all...just wow...a tie (I'm not bitter at all).

So, let's start with Angela Morgan:

So, a fabulous end for a fabulous girl....but what about Winifred?

Oooooh, not quite what she was expecting....better luck next time Winifred...hopefully this doesn't delay the imminent takeover of our world too long.

Thanks for the participation and comments!


  1. bad karma for winifred

  2. Well I can't think of a better turnout for this poll. And since there's no clear winner, I don't have to pick a favorite of my own stuff!

  3. Oh my, Winifred is just too adorable in that teddy bear suit! No need to hurry, Angela, I think she'll be fine for a while.