Sunday, December 5, 2010

General Update....Art Contest, etc.

Just a few minor notes here:

First off - just about one month left in Art Contest #3 - so keep those pens scratching away!  A LOT of folks have expressed their artistic intentions about this contest to me - so I'm really hoping for a good selection of entries this time.  Let's have a real competition ;p

Remember - art contest entries can be submitted any time prior to the deadline - as early as you want to - no need to wait till the last minute.  I'll post them as I receive them, but I will also post links to them in all future art contest updates to make sure all viewers have a chance to see them.

Next, I'm trying a few more tweaks to the website including favorite posts, additional comments (you don't need to have an account to comment now - but it'd help me out if you could sign them (if on an anonymous login) - prefer to still have an accurate idea about number of unique commenters.  More on that as new projects are posted.

I've also added an additional Donation Art Widget to the side - hopefully a nice combination to keep new visitors aware of all the features ongoing at the site.  Very serious about my intentions to have more sequences available by the end of the year.  Thanks again for the donations and support.

Finally, one cute little Gift Art update from Pink-Diapers.  Be sure to check it out if you like ABs.

And keep voting on what new sequences you want to see - any specific requests about the votes or future requests - post them in comments...


  1. PD's gift art piece is great! :D

    - Furco

  2. Liked the gift art a lot!!

  3. I had intentions of submitting a 5 page sequence to the contest, but it looks like I wont finish it anywhere near the deadline. If I did finish it sometime later would you still want it?

  4. For 666,'s really up to you. At this point I can't extend the deadline since that would cut into my timeframe for the next contest and would also be unfair for the other entries...

    I'd be more than happy to feature it on my site with full credit - assuming it meets my other standards - but there wouldn't be any payment involved as neither an official commission or an official contest entry. Your call.

    The next contest will be back to my 3 month or so timeframe - I can post the topic later this month prior to the end of this contest if some folks think they might want to get started earlier.

  5. Alright then I'll finalize one of the pages and if it meets your Standards I'll complete it, Money doesn't really matter, the reason I am unable to finish it on time is I've been working overtime like mad.