Monday, May 21, 2012

Donation Art Updates and New Gift Art

One more update for tonight.

First a quick reminder - please include the name/listing of the project you'd like to see when you donate.  I'm not sure why the "note" box doesn't always seem to be present with paypal, but please feel free to contact me through email at paypal or here (thrandrall at

Also, please make sure the email attached to your account is good - the only email I see is the one attached to your paypal account - so if it's no longer valid, please check it because I can't send to any other addresses unless you include it in the note or email me separately - specifically for a recent German donor.

Now on a completely separate note, I'm very happy to have some new animations to share in the Gift Art portion of the site.  I was recently contacted by a very talented artist going by Nobunaga who was happy to share some very classy animations.  I'm hosting images from the animations on the site with links to rapidshare downloads for the full files.  They're large, but definitely worth it.  Please check them out!


  1. would it be at all possible to have some other service than Paypal handle things, as an option?

  2. If this "project" was a lot larger....possibly - but things are on a pretty small scale and paypal is just more convenient for the majority of people - heck - most sites I see that use something other than paypal always have people asking if paypal is an option.

    One option I've seen before - but just once - is the amazon seller thing...may investigate that one eventually.