Saturday, March 21, 2015


In reference to my last post - following my participation, I did take the time to go back and download and listen to all the other podcast episodes.  I enjoyed them all a great deal - they brought back a lot of good memories of different sites and interactions over the years - even if I don't know all the folks involved.  It helps that I have already commissioned work from several of the featured artists - with more on the way!

I highly recommend giving them all a listen.  Cheasy has put a LOT of work into their production and has done a great job moderating these for the community.  A nice little series of time capsules and snapshots if you will.  I gave him a few recommendations of other folks who I'd love to hear on his program in the future - we'll see if any of them show up.

Today's update is a set of updates on the Gift Art/Request page.  New art by Gnome-oo, an update to an art contest entry by zdemian and a piece of cluedog art colored by technosasquatch.

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