Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Caption Contest #3 - The Fall Collection

Ok.  Time for a new Caption Challenge.  We're going to try something a little different this time.

To begin with, the deadline is midnight on Friday 11 Dec!   I'm starting a little later than originally anticipated, but this should still workout with plenty of time for folks.

In one sense, this is probably my broadest theme so far - I'm just going with "The Fall Collection."  That simple term has a few different meanings - and potentially more that can be applied - feel free to ask/experiment.

Specifically we're looking at the new Fall fashion collection by Mistress Arianna for La De Baucherie Magique - and/or the clothing branch[es] belonging to TransRepo Industries.  At the same time, it doesn't necessarily need to be the year 2015 - both these organizations have been around for a while - one, significantly longer than the other, but that just gives more unique opportunities.

And while "fashion" would generally imply "clothing" (and "fall" would generally imply clothing for cooler/colder weather) - please feel free to use that concept as a jumping off point.  I'm also considering both TF and TG concepts - but I'd like to keep things on the female end of the spectrum :)  Similarly, this time frame does include Halloween and a few other holidays - not to mention the various sports seasons.  And certainly the word "collection" has more than one possible definition in this context :)

I will admit that my preferences - when it comes to captions/styles do run in a few different directions, but the reference images provided should give just a taste of the options out there. 

The only real content requirements are that each entry should reference either Mistress Arianna and/or her store La De Baucherie Magique and/or TransRepo Industries.  For background material on these people/concepts, please feel free to peruse the archives of the Transformation Repository - and ask if you have any questions :)

I'm opening this up to multiple categories for the prizes too.  A few variations from the previous contest - due to the general nature of the pics.

This contest is also different from my previous ones - for the first time - not only will there be cash prizes awarded to the winners via paypal, but for every single entry received, I will make a donation of $5 to support Rachel's Haven - payable in a single total amount on 12 Dec.

- Best overall caption(s) - The one that really blows me away (single or sequence). ($50)

- Best single caption - Any single caption using a one-character pic. ($25)

- Best group caption - Any single caption using a pic with one or more characters. ($25)

- Best caption sequence - Any set of two or more captions following a sequence/storyline (can use single or multiple character pics) ($45)

- Best original design and caption - A little different - this category is looking for the really weird/unique/far-out concepts - to include photo-editing/morphing.  Must still conform to all other contest rules. ($35)

I fully encourage you to share this challenge with other friends and artists you may know who don’t regularly read this site. 

On Saturday 12 Dec, I’ll announce the winners in each category.  Prizes - via paypal.

Now the hard and fast rules:

1.  All work must be the original work of the person submitting it.  No exceptions.

2.  Single captions - obviously one pic.  Sequences may comprise as many pics as desired.  Any captioner can submit as many entries as they desire.  I will make a donation to the Haven for every individual entry I receive (themed/connected sequence captions count as a single entry) - even if they're all from the same captioner.

3.  Captions need to be submitted already formatted and attached to the image - I don't have the time or energy to handle the extra work at the moment due to my work schedule.

4.  Limited sexual references will be allowed, but nothing explicit, and no profanity.  No explicit sexual imagery.

5.  All submissions should include the following information (which will also be posted with the picture): captioner's name and site (for linking purposes - if available), intended caption title (for posting purposes - I'd rather not have to make up a title from scratch if you wrote out the caption).

6.  Unlimited revisions are allowed during the submission period.

7.  By entering a submission, you are automatically giving permission for me to post it on the site clearly labeled and identified as an caption contest entry – and although I would prefer to avoid it, if the captioner wishes to remain anonymous, I am amenable to posting their entries in that fashion.

8.  Submissions should be addressed to me: thrandrall@gmail.com – subject line should contain the artist’s name and that it is intended as a submission for the Caption Contest.  I would prefer to compile all the entries for each captioner in their own post for organizational purposes - so if you intend to potentially submit multiple entries, please let me know up front so I don't jump the gun on posting your pics.

Additional Guidance:
a.  Please proofread your captions in advance for spelling/grammar.  Also please try to choose a font size/color/construction that will make reading easier.  If your caption starts running long, consider splitting the images/text and submitting it as a sequential piece.

b.  Constructive criticism by others is encouraged in the comments section, but *should* be accompanied by suggestions on how issues might be addressed, improved, etc.

c.  I will determine the caption posting schedule as I have time - depending on the size and number, some may be posted sooner than others, but every one that I receive that fits the entry requirements will be posted on the site before the results are posted.

Last note - I reserve the right to reject any entry.

Have at it!

I do NOT own any of the reference pics provided - they're just ones I've picked up across the web.

Reference pics:


By no means are you required to use the images included here, but they provide a small sampling of some of the looks I'm interested in.  I do have a lot more pics I would have liked to have used but I was limited - either by smaller file sizes/lower resolutions or too much text on the images (from magazines/adverts) that would have precluded convenient usage - if I was able to find a larger version of an image through google search, I tried to use it.

AutumnNatural - Body Art (2)

Madam Ari (as she went locally) sighed - she loved the region this time of century, but she could never get over the heat and humidity that hung in the air - it just drained a gal, no matter how young she might feel.  And feeling drained....sometimes you just lost track of things - forget the simple things that were normally so easy to focus on. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

AutumnNatural - Body Art (1)

'Circa 1970 or so, a young airman on leave hits up the back alleys of Bangkok.  He's heard rumors about a tattoo parlor in the area run by a very special woman.  The name he was given didn't match what he was seeing on the sign in front of him, but then he can't speak Thai either.

He can't quite place the look of the woman greeting him either.  She's very attractive, but there's a real sense of age around her as well.  Almost something mystical - so....this must be the right place.  He'd heard from one of the guys in his unit - a real tattoo aficionado - that there were some artists out there who could do magical things with the ink - the right image in the right place could make all the difference.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Quick Update

Apologies for the lack of pics lately - been pretty busy and waiting for a few projects to wrap up.  That kinda slow period - but I've got a good feeling about this month.

For one thing, we've got a brand new project by AutumnNatural - posting all week long next week. 

Also looking at a new caption contest to run for the next few months - cash prizes as usual - plus additional bonuses.  Stay tuned for details in the next coupla days.

Stay tuned - more works in progress!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Cobalt_k - Portraits (1986)

Sincere apologies again for the lack of recent posts.  Things have been fairly busy around here - and still waiting on several new (and older) projects to wrap up.

In the meantime, carbon dating....or something puts this next pic of  Mistress Arianna in the mid-80s.  Hard to pin some of these things down.

Art by Cobalt_k.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Solios - Field Trials Interim - Conclusion

I apologize for the delays.  My work schedule has not been particularly flexible these last few days.

That said, solios has done an amazing job fleshing out this transformation - and many thanks again to the anonymous benefactor who donated enough to add 3 pictures to the final sequence.

Starting from our established image of the former facility chief of security Rhonda McCampbell.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Rehabilitation of Princess - 12

Not quite what she was expecting to see in the kitchen that night.

Story by thrandrall, art by zanfadar.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Field Trials - Update 2

So thanks to a very generous donation from someone wishing to remain anonymous, we have enough for 3 more pictures by Solios to portray the transformation of RhondaMcCampbell.  

We are in the process of developing this sequence now and hope to have it ready for posting next week.  Stay tuned!

The Rehabilitation of Princess - 11

"Whas goin' on downstairs?  It's 3 in the mornin'...."

Story by thrandrall, art by zanfadar.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Solios - Field Trials 5

15JUL15 0800 GMT (H+12)

{AI recognizes voiceprint of Chairwoman Francesco - automatic recording systems activated}"Well, I just finished the conference call.  The board has decided to hold off on any final determination regarding Heinrich till the next official monthly meeting."

"Well, that was the general consensus in CIC as well Chairwoman.  Forensics is having a heckuva time deciphering the notes we recovered for these and other substances - and Chems isn't having much more luck reverse-engineering the samples.  We'll probably need to debrief him *fully* on the back end of this incident before taking any of these further."

"You read my mind Shelly.  What's the status here now?"

"Well, all three subjects have displayed next to no reaction to being moved again from the container to their current holding cell.  Best we can tell, they're still totally high."

"Any further changes from the last report?"

"Well, nothing has been noted in the last hour - it appears that even a serious overdose for any of these three substances (individually at least) is not enough to be fatal - but obviously we only have the single cases to base this judgment on - although frankly, they weren't exactly the picture of good health 12 hour ago either."

"Sounds good.  I'm officially closing out emergency event I3BXXXY071315-1.  All further research will follow routine corporate protocols. Good work all of you.  We'll handle Ms. McCampbell in a few days. {voiceprint ends, pause recording}

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Field Trials - Update

Thanks to a very generous donation, we now have three more stages in the forthcoming sequence, bringing us up to a minimum of five pictures for the entire project.  Donations like this (with feedback) also allow us to target our designs in directions you'd like to see.  (since I never get comments here anyways).

Appreciate the support.

Pic 5 of "Field Trials" will be posted tomorrow.

The Rehabilitation of Princess - 10

"Gotta get a look at myself."

Story by thrandrall, art by zanfadar.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Field Trials Interim - Poll 2

Thank you very much to everyone who voted - now is the opportunity to put your money where your mouth is:

We'll start with a timeframe of 1 week and see if we can't build any momentum from that - I'm hoping it's enough time, but it may be open a little longer than that.  Initial Deadline: Midnight EST Wednesday 26 Aug.

Based on your votes:

You're donating to support images portraying the transformation of chief of security Rhonda McCampbell from this:

To something potentially closer to this (although we're finalizing details right now...I think we'll have a few new surprises this time).

I have already paid for the first and last image in this sequence.  The interim images are up to your generosity.  $60 for every stage - and I will pay the balance for a partial stage. 

Currently: 2 Images.

All donations will be counted towards the total (I'll eat the paypal fees), but for easy addition, each donation should be at least $1.  I'll post updates every couple of days (as my schedule allows) - on a little sidebar section - so stay tuned.

Donations can be made via my paypal account - the same as my donation art project.  Just leave a note letting me know it's for Solios!  Of course, if you'd like to donate for another art project at the same time - that's too easy - just drop me a line via email afterwards!

Solios - Field Trials 4

14JUL15 0200 GMT (H+6)

{AI recognizes voiceprint of Chairwoman Francesco - automatic recording systems activated} "So you've got her secured?  Good.  She's still a valuable employee and we have plans for her."

"Chairwoman?  We've regained visual.  Should be a solid feed from here on in."

"Glad to hear it.  Wow!  Just wow.  Did they accept the transition to the transport just like that?"

"Well the retrieval team reported no issues - other than a few nosy neighbors - easily tranked."

"It was a pretty simple transfer apparently - the forklift was the only equipment required - the container was just the right size."

"Let's hope the central one doesn't pack on too much more in the next couple of hours."

"The holding facility is more than equipped to handle anything up to a couple of tons with what they have on hand."

"All that activity, movement...and practically no physical reaction whatsoever.  Looks like Heinrich was on to something at least.  I guess we can add that to the list of side effects for each one....although the one on the right sure does look a little freaked."

"Well, the retrieval team wasn't able to pry the controller out of her hands - she's got a grip like a vice.  Makes things a little weirder since we couldn't fit the TV or console in the container....so we're not exactly sure what she's looking at."

"Well, the next time they stop for gas, make sure they give her some eye drops or something - we're not looking at permanent damage here."

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Rehabilitation of Princess - 9

Waking up in the middle of the night.  Something feels different.

Story by thrandrall, art by zanfadar.