Monday, January 16, 2012

General Site Update

Hi folks.  Always glad to have new content to post.  Might even be something else in the next day or never know.

That said, a few things going on right now - naturally my abominable schedule and limited site access for updates.  At this point, I really don't know what I'll be doing on the 14th when my contest is supposed to end.  So with that in mind, I'm thinking about just taking all entries until the very end of February, posting them as I have periodic opportunities, then - posting the results at my earliest opportunity in March.  Hopefully no issues with that. 

Also, as seen, there are still more projects coming out - although admittedly several of them are much larger/longer projects that will be part of the donation project and not necessarily for straight posting.  I'm still looking at a number of other artists, but my time and resources have been very limited lately.  A number of favorite artists would necessarily make excellent contributors to the donation project, but my base rule is to always have at least one small project completed prior to any artist submitting art for the donation projects.  My other problem is that few of my ideas are really "simple" or "short" beyond some of the more generic ones.

Which brings me to my last point - I will need to pare back some of my spending on these in the next year in order to take care of some other issues.  Hopefully you folks will keep checking out the site - naturally, subscribing or "following" will keep you alerted of all site updates as they show up.


Wrenzephyr2 - Just a Couple of Horndogs

A little two part sequence Wrenzephyr2 worked on for me.  You may have seen the first part previously on DA, but I'm hoping the second part is a total surprise (as if - you may not have seen it, but I'm pretty sure you saw it coming ;p).

Engineskye - Payback's a Something (or other) - Part 2

Speaking of chimeras, let's see where we were with Mistress Arianna and her two current "victims."  Continued from part 1.

Solios - Corporate Ladder

Continuing Lyssa's advertising run by Solios, we have one of her climbing the corporate ladder.  All thanks to Delilah's Dogs.