Monday, June 19, 2017

Discussion - Patreon Post Part 2

Overdue, but finally time for part 2 of my Patreon themed postings.  This is at least a week late, but I need to put the effort in to get it out before I post some more art.

This time we're going from N to Z, wrapping things up.  I've tried to give a little more background or info for each artist, but again you'd probably get a better feel for each from the other links I've provided.

Opik-Oort - DA - Primary focus on expansion and WG art - beautiful painted style - also previously commissioned.  Long form comics and individual pics.   Highly recommended.

Pink Diapers - DA - ABDL artist featured pretty often here.  Excellent, very recognizable style, great use of colors.  Has not posted very frequently on patreon - but donations are per-post - so you won't get hit.  If you want to support her, you could also pick up her current donation project.

Powerman2000 - DA - Another artist featured here pretty frequently.  Interesting style.  Does a lot of expansion themed pieces.  Patreon features more unedited versions of pics not always posted at DA, etc.  See also his Otakusquid site.

PrincessPottyPants - blog -  ABDL captions and short stories.  YMMV.  Captions per pic are getting a little long for easy visual reference but generally interesting.

Sketch Man - DA - More ABDL art in a manga style.  Excellent comic storylines and sketches.

Thomas - DA - Immortaltom!  Another very prolific artist who has grown in quality in leaps and bounds.  Posts many pics every month.  Lots of votes for content, etc.

Tracy Butler - DA - NOTE:  Tracy is not a TF artist, but her long-form comic Lackadaisy is amazing.  Highly recommended.

Val Salia - DA - (Comic home page).  Art is getting better - but the comic on the whole is amazing.  Extremely funny and an excellent mix of tones and dialogue in general with a very different TF theme and setting.  Highly recommended.  Note - currently sets donation per comic page (doesn't include sketches).

zdemian - DA - Instantly recognizable style and extremely prolific.  Multiple sketches and comic pages every week.  Excellent value and amazing artwork.  Note - almost every post is exclusive to patreon, not posted on DA.  See also their current donation project.

Zoe Crockett - DA - Cluedog! (or alternatively Smooch).  If you have ever viewed and appreciated the many, many sketches, sequences and pics cluedog has posted here and elsewhere, you can definitely support with at least a dollar a month.  Keeping in mind that she is posting new shrink and tg sequences regularly in addition to other original sketches.  Highly Recommended!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Rehabilitation of Princess - 43

"Would you like any cream?"

"Good morning Princess - and no thank you, I don't need any more at the moment.  Why don't you take a seat next to me here and we can have a little chat.  My name is Mistress Arianna and Candy thinks I might be able to help you out."

Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Rehabilitation of Princess - 42

The next morning.  Breakfast smells really good.

"Just take a seat at the table and I'll get to you."

Monday, June 5, 2017

Discussion - Patreon Post Part 1

I've been promising a few folks to do this for quite a while.  Just haven't felt up for posting much lately.  Things are going well for me, but other than a few ongoing projects, my attention has been waning a little.

I still get spurts of great ideas for new projects, but they tend to slow down when I consider the amount of resources necessarily - hard to think small enough when it comes to commissions - but that's where patreon comes in.

Not only does a small amount of support add up to a lot of assistance for great artists, but in many cases it also offers the opportunity get small personalized projects on a fairly regular basis - I'll discuss that a little more later on - but if you've been on patreon, you've probably already seen some of the things I'm talking about.

So....for this first post, we'll cover A through M....(well starting with #).  I've been off and one with other artists, but due to different issues, this is the current list.  This is only for art-specific patreons.  I follow a few other video/movie/anime related ones, but I'm not covering them here.  DA links or others are included to provide examples of the kinds of art that the patreon supports.

2HeBubble - also known as sidneymt on DA.  Creator of the Slimy Thief comics as well as a number of other projects.  Big fan in general of the oversized rear-end designs he likes to focus on.

Aloysius Erotic Art - DA - a fan of the big ladies with a very realistic touch.  Often does variations on actual public figures.

Avaro56 - DA - Been a big fan of Avaro's lengthy sequences for a long time, but only just started supporting on patreon.

dmh - aka Solios - This patreon is specifically for supporting Among the Chosen - solios' awesome webcomic I've been a huge fan of for years - and posted about on here before.

DogGirlKari - DA - another great TF artist.  To be featured here soon.

Dynamoob - DA - some great mini-sequences and stories - CGI.

Gammatelier - DA - I think gammatelier's normal site is still down.  Very nice artist for some very weird, potentially disturbing pics (no sequences).  YMMV.

Janexas - DA -  Great tf artist featured here before.  I will have some patreon-sponsored commission sketches posted here soon.

Jim - DA - aka Amaz2k12 (formerly Amazeroth) - also good for CGI sequences, including TG.

Joe Haley - DA - The one, the only Mr-DNA!  Great original sketches every day. 

Leticia Latex - DA - Awesome CGI sequences - very different, very well done.  Highly recommended if you're into this kind of tf.

Mangrowing - DA - HQ BE artist.  Good stuff.

Maxgrowth - DA - Expansion video production.  I've bought some off taylormadeclips before - definitely need to pick up some of the newer ones when I have a chance.

Check these folks out if you're looking for more artists to support online.  Only a few dollars a month gets you access to a LOT of excellent, quality, exclusive art.

Part 2 later this week (hopefully).

Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Rehabilitation of Princess - 41

"Just gotta reach by you to get something...."

not awkward at all.....

"Have a seat girlfriend, put your feet up."