Monday, May 31, 2010

Snareser - A Change of Pace.

Nothing particularly fancy here - another excellent sequence from Snareser - actually an old one from last year.  Turned out very well IMO.  I believe this one was originally inspired by some of his "geek to superchic" sequences. 

BlackShirtBoy - Beach Fun

It's always fun to see if I can come up with something particularly weird (not really hard) and then find an artist who can make it work.  So far, I've been fairly lucky in that regard.  Which naturally inspires me to look for more ideas.  Always gotta think of something a little different.

With that in mind, I present my most recent project by BlackShirtBoy.  I'm very happy with how it turned out - always nice to get a project that brings a smile to your face.

A wrongly shelved bathing suit becomes a new opportunity...or does it?

Sample pic below - full sequence after the break.  Please leave feedback.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Arania - A Day at the Mall

Hearkening back to some of my first experiences with TF, TG, etc on the internet, I'm happy to bring back an interpretation of Bill Hart's "Spells 'R Us".  (Reference Links: 1, 2 - no guarantees that all links on those pages are still good).

Working with Arania, I think this has turned out to be my longest project to date - and I'd say that it turned out very well overall.  Inks only for the time being, but hopefully I'll get it colored in the future.  About 3/5 of this has already been posted on Arania's site, but what follows below is the complete shebang - all 53(!) images.

A Saturday at the mall turned out a little different than one couple expected when they left the house that morning...but then, everyone has a different experience when they visit Spells 'R Us.

While I'll admit that some (many?) aspects of this piece are probably familiar to folks following my commissions - I sincerely hope I can say that I surprised some of you with the final outcome - shades of Sarah Jessica Parker!

Please leave feedback.  And please feel free to link to this page - but don't post the pictures elsewhere.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cluedog - "Double-D Dragon"

Maybe this yakuza thug should have asked himself why he was getting such a bargain on a full-back tattoo from a funny-looking old man wearing a bathrobe...but then again, you tend to get what you pay for at Spells 'R Us.

Cluedog really went all out on this one - above and beyond the call of duty compared with what I asked him to do - I'm truly impressed.  Excellent job portraying the motion...not to mention that the dragon turned out even better than I was imagining.  Original large pic is available here.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Flanker-25 - Glam...A Study in Excess

This one turned out a little differently. Frankly, I'm a little disappointed with it in retrospect. Certainly not with the art itself. Flanker-25 did a great job drawing what I requested, but I think it was really about what I asked for and how specific I got...trying to nitpick a little too much on aspects/outfits at different points. If you look at some of his other sequences, you'll see that the transitions look a lot more organic than they did in my breakdown...course I also went a little overboard on length.

Might try revisiting the style/design again in the future with him, but probably keeping it a little shorter or giving him a little more design control...still bouncing other ideas around too.

Oh yeah, feel free to check out his yahoo group too:

Snareser - Huggably Soft - The Final [re]Post!

I think I've finally come to a solution on pic sizes...technically it was an option previously, but I was hoping it wouldn't be so hard to post the full size pics either here or via photobucket.

Apparently I was wrong ;p  - once more [with feeling] I present Snareser's "Huggably Soft".  I would ask that you not distro these on other sites - please link back to this site for the pics themselves.  Thanks.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Art Contest Update

Just a reminder - about 8 weeks remaining in the first art contest.

I have been a little slow uploading the rest of my older material, but rest assured it is on it's way.  Coming up with ways to do it in better segments.  Should have most of the wrinkles ironed out soon.

Jitensha - Watch what you eat (!)

This sequence is a little weirder than most of mine posted so far.  So much weirder in fact, that I'm putting the full sequence after the break (see also the labels for a full description).  While I still consider it clean overall, I know not everyone appreciates this kind of content.

Originally inspired by this piece by the Gammetelier.  Needed to find someone who didn't mind working the concept in a process format and Jitensha was more than happy to help.

Again, not much of a story to speak of - the first page was actually added as an afterthought (hence the "page 0") to provide a little more explanation/"context".  As usual it started with an image or two that I wanted to see and needed to work something in before and after it.

I'll probably try working with the concept a little more in the future.  I like the digestive treatment transformation concept even though it's barely even been used.  Think it started with a story I read years ago in some anthology - can't remember title or author...then again, come to think of it, that might not have even been the catalyst.  Just one of those weird mental associations.

Still, if you like the idea, feel free to drop me a line via comments or email...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cluedog - The Triumph of Dr. Phigbert

Most folks have probably already seen this excellent piece by the magnificent Cluedog - my second collaboration with his excellence.  Like most of my other commissions, this idea started with a fairly simple image or two, and expanded greatly (along with the good Dr.'s bosoms) into this rather lengthy piece.  I believe I had the Victorian/Early-Edwardian setting in mind from the beginning, but the image of the Dr. himself goes back to my ideas of doing a lengthy series of commissions involving additional sorts of products at Willy Wonka's factory - first imagined maybe 15 years ago... Roald Dahl had so much great TF/process/etc content in his books - great for the imagination...

Obviously copyright issues would arise with any named project, but it's fun to think about some of the other concepts and ideas that might come out of it...maybe a good idea for another art contest? ;p 

Anyways, without further ado, I present to you the incredible Dr. Phigbert (and his triumph).  Again, you can download the individual panels at tg comics if you so desire (particularly since I don't think you'll get the full size images here - blogspot seems to have rather few options when it comes to uploading pics).

Again, I don't think it has to be said that Cluedog is truly a master at representation of expressions and emotions and just generally portraying folks really well.  And if you need any more proof of his skills, I highly recommend you check out "Opey the Warhead" - the first 4 issue collection of which is available here for a very affordable price.

Seriojainc - Unleashed - This Girl Is Off the Chain!

Nothing really special to say about this name or story or anything...just another poodle-girl by another artist in another style and art format - a bit more of a comic montage here.  I think this worked out really well with Seriojainc's style - shiny latex + fur is always a good combination IMO.

And because I feel like pointing it out now, the weird looking boots she's wearing in the first pic are actually modeled after some Antonio Berardi designs I've seen in a few pics - virtually ponygirl heels...probably have to use them some more in other projects.  Seem like a natural fit for paw transformations.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Snareser - A Different Sort of Commission

Different in more ways than one as I'm sure is pretty obvious from the outset. Pretty much my only commission of established characters (barring the April O'Neil lookalike that Solios did for me).

Big fan of all the characters represented here - actually went and had Snareser send me the originals - planning on getting them matted and framed eventually - I'll post a pic here whenever that does happen. stuff - love the Lovecraft Mythos and seeing it's incorporation in a variety of stories. Granted Goon hasn't really come up across too much of it, and Benedict's encounters with the supernatural are a little different, but in the right universe, I could totally see this scene happening ;p

I'm gonna have to work in a few more comic type commissions as well if they all turn out this well...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Robiotic - In the Doghouse

One more for tonight...this one a nifty little mini-comic by the fascinating Robiotic - here's hoping he returns to his art.  Just cuz' your girlfriend wants you to wear a collar doesn't make it a good idea.

Attaching each individual page followed by the connected version...Again, if these aren't coming out full-size, you can find them on his DA page.

Cluedog - Crossing the Street...or "When Did We Enter the Red Light District?"

My first commission by the stupendous Cluedog (aka Smooch).  Naturally, I went all out with the request as far as pic count...truth be told, I think my choice of increments here was probably a little excessive, but naturally Cluedog did a fantastic job.

While I could go and post each individual frame...I'm a lazy bastard with a lot of other stuff to post...and if I spent all day on this blog, I'd never get any other commissions written up ;p  I'll just direct you to TG Comics - where you can find this frame by frame as well as many of Cluedog's other pieces (including other ones by yours truly).

And if the image size is jacked up on this pic, feel free to go to Cluedog's DA site - linked above - to get the full version.

And while you're on his page, you would do yourself an incredible disservice not to read his amazing comic "Opey the Warhead" all the way through - or even better yet, order the TPB (you might need to note him to order it, but I'll double check on that).