Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Additions to the Collection....AND a New Poll! - final edit :(

It's been pretty slow the last few weeks - holiday period and all.  I hope all the American viewers out there have had a great Thanksgiving this weekend.  Mine hasn't been too bad all things considered.  For all the non-US folks out there - no Thanksgiving, but things are starting to wind down for the year in most places.  I imagine all the students are prepping for exams, final papers, etc.

At any rate, a few new additions tonight.  First up, there's a new piece of gift art from Zanfadar.  One of my favorite subjects as usual ;p - I think we can expect a good number of commissions from this fine artist in the near future.

Next is a color piece by Snareser of a great comic character - "I am the Law!"....that's right - Judge Dredd.  We'll probably see more of him in the future as well.

Clearly - there was some mistake with my first version of this post...namely, I forgot the actual poll.

By the time you read this, there should be a poll posted to the *left* of the page.  I am interested in seeing what people are most interested in seeing in future commissions - which type of process is most lacking.  I'm listing the primary ones that interest me.  The one with the most votes by New Years Day 2011 will be used in my first featured commission of 2011 (not necessarily the first one posted depending on size and artist).

If you don't see anything listed that interests you or you would like to clarify regarding your vote - feel free to post a comment with more details - I read everything you guys post.  Again, I realize that some of those topics are pretty broad, so if there are specific things you're interested in seeing in a sequence, let me know here - keeping in mind of course my "general" preferences regarding copyrighted characters, etc (see also my art contest rules...although I'm flexible when discussion is involved).



  1. I am personally more fond of TG art than any other type that you post here, with a fairly high rating for some TF art (especially involving various fluffy creatures).

    Just my 2 cents!

  2. That's a cool Judge Dredd. Always a favorite character of mine. In fact I'm planning on commissioning some TF/TG art involving the guy in the future.