Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Rehabilitation of Princess - 16

Finally getting time for a little R&R the next week or so.  The last few weeks have been insane at work.  Hope everyone else out there gets a little time off this time of year as well.


Heading in to HR at TransRepo Industries - Princess is hoping to get her old job back.

Story by thrandrall, art by zanfadar.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Caption Challenge Results!

I'll admit, I was kinda busy the last few months with work and some online courses - otherwise I would have done a bit more advertising for this contest.  Even so, I'm grateful to have received some excellent entries.  The topic was pretty broad, but I think all the entries met the basic concept pretty well.

So let's begin:

Best single [character] caption.  Definitely this one by Jezebel.  Excellent picture selection, well-formatted - very sweet overall.

Best group caption.  TG-Spain submitted the only one, but it's a great concept and the picture fits really well.

Lastly for best sequence, TheUnthinker sent in several, but I really like the concept of the Regression Virus - particularly with the physical changes (working on a few similar concepts at the moment).

Now, to be perfectly honest, in spite of these excellent entries, none of them really jumped out at me visually or as a single standalone image - so I won't be awarding those prizes this time around.  Thanks to the participation though, I will be able to send $50 to support Rachel's Haven as well.

I'm not yet sure about contests for 2016, but if I do run more, they'll be announced here and elsewhere.

Caption Entry - Jezebel

One last entry for Caption Challenge #3.  This one comes from my friend Jezebel over at Rachel's Haven.

Caption Entry - TG-Spain

Another returning contestant - TG-Spain sent in a couple of entries as well.

Caption Entry - TheUnthinker

Well it came down to the wire, but I did get a number of solid contest entries for Caption Challenge #3.

I'll post them all by the submitter, and then a separate post for the awards.

First we have a number from TheUnthinker (a pretty broad variety of topics including bimboization, tf, tg, and AR/AB/DL) - including the only sequences submitted:

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Site Updates

Well, things have been a little slow, but I do still expect a few new surprises in the upcoming month - hopefully.  Either way, things are progressing - just have a few other real life financial commitments ongoing simultaneously as I start looking further to the future.

Before I go any further though - a little reminder that Caption Contest #3 ends this Friday.  I've seen a couple entries already, but please double check the deadline (midnight EST - although I won't be checking till Sat. morning) - if you plan to submit something.

Also, I am aware of the upcoming SizeCon as well - this next April.  I am somewhat intrigued - as regular visitors to my site are probably aware - shrinking/growth isn't a huge draw for me, but the organizers have also emphasized that other size interests including Weight Gain and other somewhat different body concepts will also be featured - so it's definitely something I'll consider depending on my work schedule.  It's on a weekend...but it is in NYC.

If you're interested in seeing more - there's the Kickstarter - which is also a way to get advance tickets.

Considering that a number of folks previously featured here might be showing up - this might be a good opportunity to network and meet a few very cool folks.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Rehabilitation of Princess - 15

Well, Thanksgiving weekend threw off the schedule a little bit - far too busy with a term paper.


First contact with Dad in so long....but she doesn't know why she still looks the way she does.  Just glad to be closer to "normal."