Monday, February 27, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Engineskye - The Pet Shop Part 2

Continuing the posting of this beautiful sequence by Engineskye - previously only available to donators. 

Last portion this weekend.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Engineskye - The Pet Shop Part 1 that we've got a new project up for donations by Engineskye, I guess it's time to see what the previous project looked like.  That's right - the previous donation project is now available to view - consider this the origin sequence for some of the pets and characters you've seen in some of the other sequences recently as well.

As always comments are greatly appreciated and your continued support will allow us to keep producing great artwork.


Enjoy the first 1/3 of the sequence!  I'll be here all week folks ;p

Donation Art Update - A Day in the Life

Finally, another update to the Donation Art Project.  This piece is a sequel to the previous 3 part sequence posted as "Payback's a Something (or Other)" by Engineskye.

I'm very happy to present "A Day in the Life" featuring Candy as Mistress Arianna's newest employee/acquisition.  Let's walk through the *typical* day of a cow/chicken girl who works for a sorceress in a magical boutique.

Also as a special incentive with this addition - $2 off any other donation projects requested at the same time as this one.  That's $9 for 3 or $17 for all 5 projects.  Really appreciate all the support and I know the artists do as well.

General Update

Well, my schedule shifted again and I'm back in a place with regular (fast) internet access - not to mention access to all my other resources.

Right now, we've got a few good updates coming and more projects in the works (as always).  Some new donation artwork, etc.  With this update however, I'm no longer using "Out of Town" pricing for the time being.  There will be some other offers available though.

In case you forgot, there's also an art contest ongoing - a little more than a week of time remaining, but no entries received yet.  Hoping to get a few - seems like a pretty general contest idea - the kind that people are always working on and posting around regardless.  Guess we'll see.  There'll be at least one more art contest this year after the current one.

Cluedog - Baby Got Back (at Ya)!

An excerpt from the "Life and Times of Mistress Arianna" - I wouldn't be surprised if this sort of thing turned out as a regular feature(!).  Cluedog's rendition of what happens to a guy who likes big butts a little too much ;p - circa 1992.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Engineskye - Payback's a Something (or other) - The Conclusion

Yep, finally bringing this set to a close...and setting up for another surprise very shortly (I hope).  Stay tuned for updates very soon.

Solios - Business Casual or Just Casual Business?

The last in my little series of advertising one-sheets by Solios.  Lyssa's adjusting very nicely to things in general and all the free clothes from Orca sure don't hurt.  As they like to say in the catalog - "Something for everyone - in every size!"