Sunday, February 11, 2018

Update - Feb 2018

Ok...February is starting to turn out really well for arts.  Got some finished pieces ready for posting soon by AutumnNatural and Powerman2000, just a bit busy.  Should have some pieces ready for next weekend.

Your support through the donation project continues to assist in the production of quality art - a number of new/revitalized ideas in the works with some favorite artists.  Appreciate the feedback.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Belated 2018 Site Update

Folks, apologize for the slow start this year.  Still some new projects percolating but resources have been a little tight - although I should have some new art before the end of the month.

Quick note though - I have tried to contact everyone I've seen donations from but if you still haven't received anything, please check your junk email folders - I reply to the email addresses on the paypal receipts.

Things are also a little slower due to some massive computer replacement issues that are just a little frustrating.  Also work travel.