Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Rollup

Well, it's been pretty busy at work this week, but it's finally the weekend - and to top it off, it's the first official full 3 day weekend that I haven't had to work at least part of in....I don't know how long.  Definitely a life-saver, although it's back to the ball-breakers on Tuesday...and this week will really be nuts.

That said, time for some nice artsy updates.  There're a few things coming up with their own posts shortly, but I will note right now that I have decided on a single pic contest theme for next month centering around my Mistress Arianna character.  Full details will be posted around the 30th so keep checking the site.  This one will be just a one month contest, with only a single pic requirement (lower prize money too), we'll see how it works out in comparison.

There's also an update in Gift Art featuring a little woman to Alien sequence by Duke.  Due to an unfortunate accident this piece arrived too late to make the contest deadline, but the artist gave me permission to feature it on the site.  Definitely an interesting take - can't wait to see more from him.

Tomorrow will see page #5 of my collaboration with Mr-DNA - "Showdown at Grave's Dam."  Trust me when I tell you it only gets better from here ;p

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