Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wrenzephyr2 - Dalmatian's Wish

Well, first off, I just found out that my job will *not* be taking me hither and yon all summer long.  Very relieving and hopefully much more relaxing over the course of the summer.

Secondly, and naturally far more important to you viewers, we have a beautiful new mini-sequence by Wrenzephyr2 - who has definitely developing greatly as an artist over the period I've been watching them.  Poses and looks are coming much more naturally with each new piece.  I'm very happy with the way this one turned out.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Updates to Gift Art and Growing Up Gecko

Just a quick update this week - but still some cool items.  There are more projects brewing on the horizon as always, but for the moment, two new animations from Nobunaga in gift art (TG this time!).

Also a couple of new pin-ups in Growing up Gecko by Wrenzephyr2 - the project isn't dead - just progressing slowly ;p.

Aim to have at least one more good update this week as well.  After that, probably out of town for a few weeks but with good email access, etc.  Thinking about putting up another poll pretty soon - been a while.  Interested in getting some more feedback - and it's easier to click a poll button than to fill out the comments section.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Donation Art Updates and New Gift Art

One more update for tonight.

First a quick reminder - please include the name/listing of the project you'd like to see when you donate.  I'm not sure why the "note" box doesn't always seem to be present with paypal, but please feel free to contact me through email at paypal or here (thrandrall at

Also, please make sure the email attached to your account is good - the only email I see is the one attached to your paypal account - so if it's no longer valid, please check it because I can't send to any other addresses unless you include it in the note or email me separately - specifically for a recent German donor.

Now on a completely separate note, I'm very happy to have some new animations to share in the Gift Art portion of the site.  I was recently contacted by a very talented artist going by Nobunaga who was happy to share some very classy animations.  I'm hosting images from the animations on the site with links to rapidshare downloads for the full files.  They're large, but definitely worth it.  Please check them out!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oppaiman - The Bimbo Club

Following a recently established tradition, it's time to share the full version of Oppaiman's first Bimbo Club project.

Enjoy it - it's thanks to your support that I'm able to keep commissioning art from these excellent artists!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Donation Art Update - Bimbo Club 2: Still Clubbin'

Well, I am most pleased to have the opportunity to present a new donation project by fan-favorite Oppaiman.  Related only thematically to the previous Bimbo Club Sequence, this one takes the concept and runs with it (hopefully not into the ground ;p).

Oppaiman put a lot of work into it and as you can see from the sample images, we're definitely exploring some different art styles here.  I think there's something for everyone. 

Remember your support helps support these artists as well as providing more resources for quality art.

Thanks a lot!

More updates! New Gift Art!

Just another quick post - stay tuned for a big new post tonight - but in the meantime, there's a beautiful new photomorph on the Gift Art page from something-wild.  Great guy to work with - hope to work on a few more pics with him.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Solios - BOB-E HazMat Variant

The first in a series by master visualizer Solios.  Well, not necessarily the first - but really the first in a new series expanding on the concept.  The BOB-E series is such a resilient workhorse that it has been made available in a wide variety of models for all sorts of tasks and specializations.

The HazMat variant seen here (serial # BOBE-HAZ-768431) has no specific structural modifications from the industrial and urban models previously featured - indeed, all series come with the same ultra-resistant epidermis, inherent self-righting organo-gyro stability and natural attention to detail.  The primary difference is really found in the skin coloring, which serves as a warning and indicator to those sentients operating in proximity to remain clear while hazardous and/or radioactive materials are being handled - the likes of which are quite likely to be fatal to any observers not properly protected.

Stay tuned for further series!