Thursday, June 28, 2012

More Gift Art and Polls - Please Leave Feedback!

First off, I'm very happy to share a beautiful gift art series by Synthean.  This sequence was actually commissioned by a different fan, but I've been given permission to share it here on the site.  Definitely a beautiful piece of work with some very unique features (check out the feet!).

All my thanks to False Princess, the original commissioner.

Next, I am posting a few new polls.  Looking for more feedback - specifically on what types of process I should have more of on the site.  Additionally, if there are certain types of process you'd like to see more of, I'd also like to hear from you (comments) who you think should handle the artwork for it.  I know I rely on a number of regulars for a large number of projects, but I'm always looking for more talent (while there are also many artists out there I just haven't had the opportunity or funds to work with just yet - sometimes just a matter of timing).

Please let me know - links work best.



  1. I really like any sort of weight gain/animal transformation hentai. Not really into TG hentai, especially guy to girl. Synthean and Okayokayokok are my favorite artists on the sight.

  2. I really enjoyed your TG art, especially the bimbo and race changes from Oppaiman and Snareser, Especially the Bimbo Club series. I'd love to see more of that.
    If anything, I'd love to see more Oppaiman on this site, as new art from his him is very scarce.

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  4. Because of the way you worded the poll, I'd say AR/AP/AB/DL. There is very little coverage of that type of transformation with Dreamtales being the only individual commissioning quality comics. I don't have any new artists for you except maybe this guy: He mainly does expansion type stuff

  5. Thanks for the feedback so far. I've got plans for more projects with okayokayokok - largely a matter of time/funds/schedule right now.

    I've also got some additional AB projects in the works. I've got one massive script ready - but I think I'll need to try and split it down for multiple artists to contribute...either way, it'll probably be a while and kinda pricey before it's done.

  6. Seconding Beubourg's comment.