Friday, December 28, 2012

Synthean - Instructional Video 3

Well, it's been a little while since my last post on this project, but in the meantime, Synthean and I have made some real progress on the restoration.

It appears that the film we were working on was actually a number of frames stuck together - so where we thought the image was a single picture featuring all three girls, it should actually have been a series of single images featuring the same background narration.  It took some work but we were able to separate the frames and provide a clearer image.  That said, in the interests of completeness, we are also providing the image as it first appeared to us during the restoration prior to separation.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Powerman2000 - Upgraded Uniforms

A sweet little piece Powerman2000 whipped up for me this year.  Great beautification sequence.  Again, nothing particularly fancy, but it worked out beautifully - I've got a number of "Wishing Stone" themed sequences that I need to work on this year.  At least in this case, the wording worked out pretty smoothly.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012!

Nothing new here today - just a single post to link the full sequence by Synthean featured this past week.  This one will have all the requisite tags left off previously.  Synthean's generous gift art donations are really piling up.  (on a side note, I have been informed that PharmGen's morphic division may not be as defunct as I had suggested earlier - stay tuned).

All the pictures from the past two weeks may be found here!

I hope you all have a great Christmas with your friends and family!  I'm alone at the moment but I've had some good opportunities to visit with friends and family this month as well - just moved to a new location for work - hoping to be in a new apartment by the beginning of the year.

Either way, we'll have some new treats in the form of various *brand new* artworks later this week.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Synthean's 2012 Holiday Art - Vixen Finale!

Well, it's about that time so we now present the finale to Synthean's excellent Christmas sequence!

Synthean's 2012 Holiday Art - Vixen #7

You know, it's kinda funny - I coulda sworn I had the timing perfect to post one picture a day and finish on Christmas Eve - but I guess I still got it wrong - so that means two posts today.  Everyone's a winner!  (since technically it will most definitely be Christmas Day in most parts of the world by the time I post the finale).

And we're definitely getting in the proper holiday spirit with Synthean now!


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Synthean's 2012 Holiday Art - Vixen #6

One day closer to Christmas with Synthean!

"Suddenly feeling much lighter on my feet..."

Synthean's 2012 Holiday Art - Vixen #5

Funny how things work.  I know this might look late to most folks but let's just say it's only about 7PM here.

Getting closer to Synthean's Christmas masterpiece.

"My antlers definitely shouldn't be feeling this tight.  And why do my toes feel so funny?"

Friday, December 21, 2012

Synthean's 2012 Holiday Art - Vixen #4

Posting a little earlier today due to traveling - posts starting tomorrow might be significantly different as far as time stamps - I'll verify once I've got the time zone thing down - try to keep the seasonal ones on time at least.

More from Synthean!

"A little tighter than I was expecting.  And I don't remember my ears being quite this fuzzy before."

Synthean's 2012 Holiday Art - Vixen #3

Synthean brings the holiday cheer again today!

"What's I feel coursing through my veins?"

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Synthean's 2012 Holiday Art - Vixen #2

One day closer to Synthean's TF climax!

"Let's try it on.  Looks like a good fit."

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Synthean's 2012 Holiday Art - Vixen #1

Synthean continues his holiday-themed transformation saga!

"My order has finally arrived.  This is just what I need for the office Christmas party!"

Monday, December 17, 2012

Synthean's 2012 Holiday Art - Vixen #0

'Tis the season...or something like that.  Thankfully, master artist Synthean has provided a very seasonal sequence - and in keeping with the typical media count-down to Christmas - I'll be posting one pic a day.

"C'mon...what's in the box?!?"

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Synthean's 2012 Holiday Art! (Intro)

Generally I don't have a lot of holiday-themed art on the site - commissions can be difficult to schedule appropriately - but Synthean has been extremely hard at work with his own projects and has graciously provided some appropriately thematic material!

We'll start off with a little calendar pin-up.  - From the archives - If I understand correctly, PharmGen is a now-defunct former competitor to TransRepo Industries....but if any of you have heard or seen differently recently, make sure to drop me a line.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CallMePo - Sibling Rivalry

Cross-posted to "Growing up Gecko".

I've had this idea for quite a while - and the longer I followed CallMePo - the more it seemed more or less exactly the right sort of commission for an artist like him.  Only problem for me was - despite his huge number of commissions - I always seemed to miss his really short open periods.  That's the problem with working with a popular fellow.

Still, got in the queue this time - and the results were speedy and excellent!

Meg's not a bully, but as anyone growing up with siblings can attest to...every now and then someone really needs a noogie!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Poll Results and Comments - Feedback Requested!

Well, I can't say I was too surprised by the results of this end-of-the-year poll.  It roughly mirrors the 2010 poll

Unfortunately, 3 people didn't leave any comments to back up their votes :(  However, I do have a sweet little project by Cluedog all lined up for the first commission of the year!

As far as the year goes - I've got to say I'm very happy with the huge increase in comments this year - the feedback has been much appreciated overall.  Nice to see a general increase in responsiveness from folks.

Looking towards the upcoming year (and beyond), I've got some big and pretty solid (unique?) ideas in the works.  Can't wait to see how they turn out - just hope I'm leaving myself enough time as a whole. 

Aside from the above project(s) - keeping those mostly under wraps - I expect to have at least 2 new donation projects this next year - new artists and familiar favorites.

But while I'm on that subject...I'll probably be starting a new poll shortly.  Looking for feedback on this sort of thing - I enjoy my projects, but I can totally understand that a lot of other folks may not share my enthusiasm about some of them.  Unfortunately, I haven't tended to get as much feedback for some of them as I do for other posts.  Due to their size...they generally tend to have a much longer gestation period than the vast majority of my other commissions.  And to be truly honest, for least 1/2 the fun tends to be just in the general project development - coming up with as crazy an idea as I can think of...and then slowly watching it come to life, picture by picture, page by page - pencils to inks to colors and so on.  Adding some feedback here or there, watching it slowly come together....till it's finally complete.

Then I post it here and wait and see if folks are actually interested ;p

Sooooo, looking for some feedback before I keep diving in.....more than just TF or TG or AB or whatever else (I know "Growing Up Gecko" is progressing really slowly....) there anything more specific that folks would like to see - obviously you've got a pretty solid idea over the past 3 years what sorts of things I'm interested in....Is there any particular type of project or artist that I haven't hit on as clearly as I could have over the past years?  I've given some consideration (generally light) to the possibility of a kickstarter-type project - but something like that would need significantly more viewer input on the front-end to even start considering it's viability.  Alternatively...would my projects do any better on the donation front if I worked in something more sexual or explicit?  I'm generally of the opinion that you can find tf/tg/etc-related porn almost anywhere whereas the variety on my site is somewhat more...."different"?  But is there a niche here I could potentially fill (one way or another ;p)? far as general donations and support for the site go - I can certainly assure you that all commissions go right back into the site - would anyone ever be interested in donating for the convenience of a zip file containing ALL the commissions posted on the site (barring current donation projects, gift and bonus art) - or something similar?

As far as any of my questions above - if you don't feel comfortable leaving comments on the site, I will gladly take your comments/questions by email as well: thrandrall[at]

Thanks.  Have a good one!

More artz tomorrow!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Mertail - One Hot Kitty

You know....I'm really not sure why I don't work with more cat-girls.  There are a lot of great concepts out there - even ones that work for me.   Just need to have a little more than ears and a tail I guess.

Sooo, I turned to Mertail for one new look.  Still need to get more photomanips on this site.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Request/Gift Art

Some amazing new pieces by some amazing artists!

First, as justinblong has just posted the final version of Once Bitten on his page, it's a great time to post an alternate colored version on the Gift Art page.

Definitely a very strong piece - the tone here was based pretty closely on a real poodle reference pic I sent him - very tight!

Next, we have a gorgeous poodle-girl rendition (with strong accompanying caption) by the mistress of beautiful hair - the Temp-Tress!  I will most certainly be commissioning from this amazing and generous artist in the future.

More posts this week!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

justinblong - Once Bitten

My first commission by ace artist justinblong.  This one turned out beautifully.  Always loved seeing the style of justinblong's art on various transformations - and it translated amazingly well for my project...already got a second one in the works!

Monday, December 3, 2012

suan-cat - Lolita Beauties

I know it might seem like a lot of the recent posts are for single pics vice my usual preference of sequential's just that longer commissions generally take a little longer to produce....and there have been a number of amazing opportunities to work with a veritable slew of new and talented artists (new to me....I'm well aware that many have been around longer than me).

Soooo, I hope you won't mind the occasional artistic interludes featuring something often very different than what's normally featured on the site.

I was introduced to suan-cat a little while back by cobalt_k.  She's got a very unique and beautiful style - and I was more than happy to commission two portraits from her...and I think I'll probably have to order a few more in the future - these came out so incredibly well!

2,000,000 Views...Wow! (and poll notes)

Well, quite the wild ride here...

(well...maybe you had to be where "here" is....)

That said, thanks for the views - I'm not sure what it buys me, but it's been fun - comments have certainly picked up from when I started - hope to keep getting more feedback - it's a combination of affirmation (in some sad way ;p) and acknowledgement.

Soooo, I think I missed it last year due to deployment, but looking at our quasi-tradition - why not continue it this year.

Please vote in my little polls on the side and give me something aim for - and I'll see what I can do.  Comments here will certainly help too.

Have a good one.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Solios - Cocktail Hour

Always looking for more renditions of my OCs - and invariably I need to run them by Solios...if I didn't actually start the design with him of course ;p  More importantly, I'm running up a larger concept idea with him - and I want to have established designs down for certain things first.

Always like to see how a different artist portrays my characters - some work better than others - it's definitely a different look for Candy, but not necessarily a bad one.  At this point in the process, I'm really not sure if I would have been better off with a more defined look for Mistress Arianna at the very start - but as my goal has always been to set her outside of time and space (a little - given her appearances), I think the flexibility works better and allows more options for the artists.

Now the setting definitely worked out beautifully!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Weekly Update

Well, still waiting on a few projects expected in soon - but that said, check out the Pending Commissions tab on the left.  I've got a lot more projects on tap now from a bunch of new artists as well as more from some of the more familiar folks.

I can tell you that we'll be seeing some great variety here - I mean sure there'll be a few sequences of my usual types - but coming from brand new artists - as well as some wildly new concepts and portrayals.  I'm sure looking forward to them.

That said...if you've only picked up Cluedog's most recent project through the donation project - you're doing yourself a disservice - there are some great projects there from a number of other artists and I can heartily recommend them all.  More importantly - any donation supports the creation of more art for this site as well as a portion of every donation going right back to the artists.