Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Update

Well folks, several of my projects are proceeding well.  Some technical hiccups here and there and minor delays on other issues, but nothing major to speak of.

One interesting note - FurCo sent me an advertisement he received in his spam box - he swears it's authentic.  It looks somewhat incomplete or vague...possibly an unfinished sample - but it's posted for your viewing on the Gift Art page.  If it's a precursor for an official campaign though...that could prove to be very interesting.  I've asked him to forward to me anything similar that shows up in his inbox so I can post them for you folks.  And if any of the rest of you see similar advertisements for La De Baucherie Magique, please drop me a line so I can feature them.  It looks like Mistress Arianna is finally embracing the digital age.

On an unrelated note, I'm very curious to hear which you folks would prefer given the state of things:  Would you prefer a periodic art contest, or a continuing series of "normal" commissions - at the moment, I'm unable to support both simultaneously (aside from smaller side projects)?  Please vote in the poll.  Any poll comments should be placed in this entry.

Finally, I'm very happy to finally present my 2nd Zanfadar project - with coloring assistance by Engineskye (see below).  The rest of the sequence should be posted later this week.

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  1. Honestly, I enjoy the art contests the most. Not only is the thematic art design entertaining, but I feel the pride of being in first place provides an even greater impetus to create new and unique art