Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Synthean - Pageview Contest Art Sequence

Reaching back to last May, I'm finally getting around to posting the art sequence commissioned by the winner of my 5 Million Pageview Contest.  The delay here is more due to my schedule than anything else.

So winner Jbrey commissioned site favorite Synthean to illustrate a sequence with several of his OCs.

Jbrey's OC's (L to R) Emma Flynn, Rose Cresswell and Chelsea Boyd all live in a city called Bayview.  The city is run by Lulu Mayfield who is the head of Mayfield Industries a large supplier of items ranging from health supplements to cosmetic makeup and even confectioneries.  Lulu has this desire to turn all the women in the city into beast women.  

The Club which is run by Emma, Rose, and Chelsea (and one other girl not shown) holds a lot of influence over the younger college girls of the city so Lulu plots to capture them all and brainwash them and turn them into beast women under her control.  She creates a false diet pill which she calls SW1N3 for it's code name.  

Chelsea, Rose and Emma all need extra money so take up the offer of sampling the diet pills unaware of the real intent behind them.  The sequence is showing their transformation from who they were into Pig Girls to be brainwashed and unleashed on their former friends.  (The sequence ends before the brainwashing begins).


Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Rehabilitation of Princess - 21

Oooooh, don't get caught laughing at the boss-lady!

You never know who's around.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Rehabilitation of Princess - 20

Looks like a little extra-special milk can have wonders on a gal's complexion (and attitude)!