Wednesday, April 24, 2013

FurCo - The TransRepo 2013 Collection

As with any new style in fashion, after every innovator comes an imitator.  Never content to sit on the sidelines when there's money to be made, TransRepo Industries is diving headfirst in to the Furrification market with their new 2013 collection.  Thanks to FurCo for digging these up.

It appears that these are being marketed more towards the budget-minded fashionista.  We'll have to see how this "science vs magic" conceit plays itself out.

LordAltros - Fantasies Fulfilled - Part 1

I think all of us - particularly with an interest in these sorts of transformations - have fantasized about the experience - what sorts of catalysts or devices it would take.

Every now and then, it appears that someone hits on just the right combination of factors to make their wishes come true....but there's normally a catch.  Sometimes it's better to wait and see before doubling or tripling the dosage ;p  LordAltros has a knack for a look that works really well for me.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Engineskye - Factory Farm

Every now and more twisted side comes's not to say I prefer something like this over anything else....but when my imagination starts to wander, I like being able to see the results visualized sometimes.  So yeah, some of these will be a little more disturbing...definitely not to everyone's taste, which is why I use labels on posts.

As I've said before...just don't see certain types of transformations or concepts done as often by maybe my mind just runs away a little more. ;p

That said, Engineskye is pretty good at working with my wild imagination.  ....And who knew Trans-Repo Industries was branching out into trans-dimensional if.

FurCo - The 2013 Collection

Wow...not sure how FurCo gets on the mailing list for these things.  I've got no luck at all....

Seems that La De Baucherie Magique is continuing it's fashion-setting trend of furrification with a new set of designs.  Guess it's all for the best given the ongoing weather in some parts of the country.

Another Update!

Well, with my current schedule, I should indeed be able to post a few pieces every couple of weeks.  In between that I have reasonably good email access but no access to DA or most other gallery sites - so if you send me a note (email posted here and there on the site), I should be able to respond, but I won't be able to respond directly to comments in the short term.

That said, I have big plans to continue projects.  I've got a few more in the works that haven't yet been listed on the side bar, but you'll just have to wait and see what they are.

I think they're more than worth it, but I guess ymmv ;p

I do appreciate the recent comments on the poll and other things - would have responded sooner...but like I said, limited access.  Apologize if anyone thought I was blowing them off.

Thanks for being flexible.  Always appreciate more feedback.

Monday, April 1, 2013

General Update

Just another follow-up note. Looks like work will be keeping me out of the house and generally very busy for the next 6 months or so - limited opportunities for posting - although I still expect regular access to emails, etc.

A lot of new projects being worked on this year - some very big concepts...very excited myself (for some reason, I'm not able to list some of the new ones under "Pending Commissions" at the moment - not sure about the issue..

That said, I am a little disappointed by the lack of donations over the past few months.  I know most of the regular viewers have probably already requested all the projects they'd like to see, but keep in mind that any donations support future projects and a specific portion of each donation always goes directly to the artist of your choice.  Just a thought.

Hadn't really considered it since I still have a couple long-term donation projects going on right now...but might try for a shorter one just to kick-start some things again....

*EDIT* Just posted poll for next (shorter donation project - no impact on projects in progress) - please leave all comments with specifics on this post.

I do appreciate the general increase in comments over past months though - it's certainly nice to get feedback - of any kind.