Illustrated Stories (Open)

03 March 2018

The following stories are the ones currently available as part of my new "Illustrated Stories" concept.  Please follow the previous link for a more in-depth explanation.  Once again - I do not own the rights to any of these stories (and I don't claim any of them) - I am promoting them on behalf of the original artists.

I am reopening this project due to my updated schedule...and desire to see some illustrations for these stories.  Please contact me at thrandrall[at] if you're interested in a commission from me to illustrate one of these.  I do expect to add a few more to the list over the upcoming weeks too.

The Allure of Furries by K.M. (TF)
An American in Hell by Hugh G. Breastman (Illustrated by Oppaiman) (BE, bimbo)
The Auto-Closet by Kristen O. (TG)
Bimbo Eyes by Downing Street  (Illustrated by Powerman2000) (bimbo)
Bitchy Woman by Volt Namazuros (BE, TF)
Command Performance by K.M. (TF, etc)
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes by Johnny Reb (BE, etc)
Ladies in Waiting by Colleen Whyte
Michelle by Multibreast (multi, tf, etc)
Moo by The Sympathetic Devil (TF)
Obsessed With Her Natural Beauty by Changeme (Illustrated by Powerman2000) (bimbo)
Outbreak Part 1: Tails by Dr. Mephisto (TF)
Payback is a Cougar by Changeme (bimbo, etc)
Race Queen by TOXIS (bimbo, etc)
Spells 'r Us: The Game by Morpheus (TF, TG, etc)
Swamped by CowPoke (multi, BE, etc)
Tonisha by Bobby (TG)
The Venus Club by Anonymous (Illustrated by Temp-Tress) (BE, etc)


  1. Any chance you actually make page where the image are placed inside the story, at the right point?

    1. It's a worthwhile criticism. On the one hand, I was going for a look off some classic illustrated books I have where the picture - normally full page does not necessarily fall directly at it's point in the story, but where you can find space for it - with the accompanying quote/blurb explaining it. Similarly, many of these illustrations fall at the mid portion of the page or towards the end - if I were to fit the illustration into it's exact position - due to the size of the pic it would still get bumped to the next page and then you would be left to a huge amount of white space in between.

      Still, I could try putting together a version of that as an alternate file download. Maybe this weekend.

    2. You are great.

    3. Ok, re-edited the original story to fit the images directly in their places for the relevant portions. Any further comments, please let me know.

  2. What do you mean by participate? Illustrating a story myself? Writing a story to be illustrated? Suggesting a story? Or commissioning a story?

    1. Appreciate the interest. At the moment..."participation" simply means illustrating one of the linked stories on this page...although that could change in the future. If you are potentially interested in being commissioned for a story, please contact me directly through my email (around this site - see contest info pages) or PMs at the Process or Deviant Art.

  3. im confused, the above stories are all illustrated currently?

  4. I don't know if you are aware, but there is a 5 page comic of The Allure of Furries on DA, by an artist called Ms. Anderson, its not bad though I wish it had been digitally coloured.

    I'll email you about illustrating Bitchy Woman.

    1. Yeah, I've seen that. FMTFluver is actually the original story author - and also the author for "Command Performance". Have discussed doing a donation project comic commission for CP and giving him full credit as the author, but haven't had time/resources yet.