Thursday, January 9, 2014

The La De Baucherie Magique Fashion Pageant - The Fourth Category - 1

Mac: "Yet again, we're back with another round of the La De Baucherie Magique Fashion Pageant!"

Meg: "A very sexy round....potentially the *most* sexy round."

Mac: "Well...this is the Lingerie round after all."

Meg: "So that's why you're looking sooooooo uncovered.  Salome of the Seven Veils and all that."

Mac: "Well, one veil at least....what are you wearing under that overcoat?"

Meg: "Wouldn't you like to know?  Speaking of which - Hi Gany!  Did you have something to show us?"

Gany: "Wooooo!  Party time!  Get a load of this bod!"

Mac: "Well, looks like someone hit the post-show cocktails a little early."

Meg: "Cut her some slack, there's a real party going on backstage tonight!  Even Candy looks like she's having a pretty good time!"

Mac: "Past time for getting this show on the road - Srijaya's coming down the catwalk now.  Good thing we reset all the environmentals to 'comfortable summer afternoon'."


Meg: "A very sexy, very revealing look once again - this gal sure likes to bare it all."

Mac: "Claudia Calahan is back again - gracefully fluttering along."

Meg: "'Back' is right, that is quite the gracefully fluttering bum right there."

Mac: "I daresay Satine looks even more attractive than before.  It does look like she's pulled out all the stops with this ensemble."

Meg: "I'm very impressed with her broad range of accessories - she's done an excellent job with maintaining her sexy period theme over the course of this pageant."

Mac: "Annie's showing that even a big gal can exhibit at least a little delicacy."

Meg: "I suppose that's one way to describe that look."

Mac: "Here's Rosemary Morgan with another fine showing - seems like she's taking a chance going with the hair-down look."

Meg: "It's possible it could count against her with some voters, but so far, she's on a winning streak."

Mac: "It seems that Jezebel Allen has found a way to take advantage of her skin tones with this outfit."

Meg: "Indeed it does - just take a look at the fine workmanship in that corset and matching stockings - a great complementary set."

Mac: "And now, Jennifer Jackson is playing it very smoothly as well - just look at that tail wiggle as she struts down the stage."

Meg: "Well, the strutting is limited when she's not wearing heels, but I'll give her credit for those tight panties."

Mac: "Oh my!  I'm not sure what Maxine is wearing, but it certainly doesn't leave much to the imagination."

Meg: "Certainly not, but in a contest like this, she should feel free to flaunt it - although I believe in this case that would be classified as a body stocking.  Maybe she should have looked at a plus size this time around though."

Mac: "Well, I had hoped for some lasting improvement after the last night, but I suppose Elsie might have an ongoing problem."

Meg: "Really?  You think?  I'm not sure how someone can survive constant fluid loss like that.  What's the word on how the carpet's holding up Gany?  Didn't we give it the scotch guard treatment last night?"

Gany: "He he he!  Milk is fun!  She tastes like vanilla!"

Meg: "Don't roll around in it girl.  I thought we told the bartenders to cut her off."

Mac: "I dunno, maybe  she's got a flask somewhere...."

Meg: "Not sure where she could hide it in that outfit."

Mac: "Oh good, we're up to Theta.  I think we're going to need a break to allow enough time for a proper clean up."

Meg: "Now this gal is pulling off a very vintage look amazingly well.  I love the classic styles."

Mac: "Ok folks, we'll be back right after these messages."

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