Saturday, December 7, 2013

Fashion Pageant Contestant - Wrenzephyr2

Another early entry (tomorrow's will probably be early afternoon).

Sam has attended several schools over the course of her childhood, her parents constantly moving all over Europe for archaeological studies before settling in Winchester in the UK. However, before she started her Junior year at High School her parents sent her to live with her sister, Jenny, in DA City. She was less than pleased with the latest move, having finally found a place to settle in. It didn't help that her sister's roommate was a guy, some idiot named Wren. 

Sam was uninterested in beauty pageants, seeing them as misogynistic pony shows treating women as dolls for men's amusement. Sensing this, the magics in the card decided to add a touch of mental rewriting with the physical change. She became a succubus, someone who feeds off the attention of others, especially men, and in this ditzy, lustful form she was more than happy to join. However, Sam just didn't seem like a WINNER's name. She decided she'd go by Jezebel Allen!

Sequence by Wrenzephyr2.

Invitation by leandro-sf.

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