Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fashion Pageant Contestant - Arania

Every now and then, when I see an entry as beautiful as this, I remember that I really need to work on more 'taurs.

Satine Ryder is the 22 year old daughter of a wealthy British household - raised properly - taught etiquette, manners, and how a young woman is expected to act.   

Classy, sophisticated, and more than a little sheltered, Satine is friendly, but can be surprisingly shy, not yet used to being out on her own.  Though she might come off as a bit rigid at first, once she warms up she's chatty and personable.  However, she's got a bit of a quirk - she's absolutely obsessed with cleanliness. Every tiny particle of dust or debris stands out on her fair skin (and now illuminating white fur), and she hates it. She is constantly cleaning herself or bathing, avoids mud and dirt as much as possible, and does not like strangers touching her in any way.

Satine is here to show you that a centaur doesn't have to be a rough and tumble farmgirl or gritty adventuress - but can have class and poise - and have proper personal hygiene.  

Sequence by Arania.

Invitation by leandro-sf


  1. ARANIAAAAAA Had to say it.

  2. I'm loving this series! This is my favourite sequence so far, can't wait to see even more!