Monday, January 6, 2014

The La De Baucherie Magique Fashion Pageant - The Third Category - 2

Mac: "Welcome back to the second half of tonight's competition."

Meg: "What's this?  You promised you'd zip yourself back up if I warmed up your suit."

Mac: "Five gallons of hot tomato soup down the back of the neck isn't the same thing."

Meg: "'ve got enough fat to keep you warm as well - you shouldn't need any help from me."

Mac: "And you've got that nice coat - why don't you lend me the hat?"

Meg: "I've got no hair, you've got piles of it keeping your brain nice and toasty."

Gany: "Come on girls, no need for another fight - there's still plenty of contestants to see - I'm sure seeing some of the outfits there will warm you right up."

Mac: "Fine Meg, we'll talk about this later.  For now, let's take a look at Leslie Baker."


Meg: "I guess that's where all that squeaking I've been hearing has been coming from.  I sure hope she doesn't chafe her thighs too much.  All the same, I've got the feeling she's pretty warm down there - at least for the moment."

Mac: "On the other hand, Kim Li doesn't look quite so comfortable.  I'm not sure whether she got the memo about the heating situation."

Meg: "Right you are Mac - while that outfit is very stylish, it doesn't leave much up to the imagination at all.  I've also heard that a lot of heat is lost through the wings."

Mac: "Speaking of lost heat, it looks like Teri Beaver has modified one of her old scuba suits into a very sexy outfit."

Meg: "Good call - very practical use of existing materials - recycling fans will love it - as will all bust fans."

Mac: "Oh my word!  It appears that Dorothea Cerviel has presented us with a very different avenging angel tonight!  I wouldn't want to get between her and any sinners."

Meg: "The 'mistress spurned' look - always a favorite in fetish circles - what an amazing amount of work she put into that ensemble."

Mac: "Margaret La Bouff seems more than content to turn the heat back down with a much more comfortable and laid back look."

Meg: "Although the cap matches the coat very well, I still see that combination working out much better for an evening in the ski lodge in front of the fire after a long day on the slopes."

Mac: "Now according to my card, Margaret Eloise Studebaker-Ormsby is wearing the new national dress of the Falkland Islands."

Meg: "If only (she should have worn it the first night)....I'm pretty sure Maggie is pulling your leg on that one - but it does look like you two buy your latex at the same ORCA dealership."

Mac: "Here's Catherine Lawrence with a very nice, attractive combo - the tight boots and top are accentuated by the cuffs and collar - contrasting even more with her oversized wings."

Meg: "Sure, you say that now...she's definitely hot stuff.  I think Moirai Industries went all out this time around providing her with a classy look."

Mac: "That's a very big coat that Jimmie Lee is modeling tonight.  You can barely see what she's got on underneath."

Meg: "Well, with a coat like that, she doesn't need much of anything underneath, but I'm guessing she's still wrapped up pretty well - amphibious, cold-blooded, and all that jazz."

Mac: "This contestant isn't afraid to let it all hang out.  Stef Roth looks very comfortable - although it looks like she may have packed a few more pounds on - maybe the temperature is bringing on the hibernation preps."

Meg: "I get it....a panda in a panda coat!  That's hilarious - and very cute!"

Mac: "Never one to shun a good thing, Kalina Korovin is another contestant modeling ORCA - it appears her outfit is one of the newer models.  It can be tightened or adjusted with just a little proper flexing of the right muscles."

Meg: "She may not have the hang of it yet - I can't think of a good reason to have your dress squeeze your breasts tight enough to force the milk out.  Good thing the competition is nearly done for tonight."

Mac: "So, finishing up for tonight, it looks like Ceci... sorry, Vixen has had to shed a lot more fur to squeeze into her outfit.  But looking at that coat... she's made a net gain I think. She must be very hot in there."

Meg: "I'd have to agree there... She's definitely hot."

Mac: "Seems we're now over halfway done with the competition."

Gany:  "Were there plans to modify the voting this time around?"

Meg: "Good point - as a reminder, each line will include the character's name as well as the artist.  Now zip yourself back up Mac.  Don't make me pull out Mr. Floppy!"

Mac: "Good night everyone....mmmmmffff" *zip*


  1. Frostbite City! These damsels aren't deterred by daring décolletage!

  2. More Gany Please!!

  3. Man, I just voted for everybody this time.

    Well, not literally everybody, but I think I put in twice the votes as previous times.