Sunday, April 18, 2010

Snareser - Huggably soft.....UPDATED

UPDATE: Larger version pic after break.

My second new piece for tonight is a very nice little sequence whipped up by Snareser. Truly a very versatile artist whom I've had the pleasure to work with quite a few times now - and hope to work with more in the future (not to mention posting all the older pieces he's done for me over the last year).

It seems to me that we really don't see this kind of tf as often as you might expect - but I'm working on making up for the deficiencies.

I'd love to get some feedback on these commissions - hoping to see some comments soon.


It'd be nice to see some more comments on these pics again....but yeah. Here's a larger version:

 hmmm....need to check on things....the original pic is much, much larger (size/dim./etc), but it appears that blogger might limit the file size per pic artificially.  Need to test some more - of course suggestions/tips are always appreciated.

Yep, even choosing the X-L pic size when uploading, there's no option to keep the original pic size...which matters more on some of the pics than others - not too noticeable on the ones I've posted before this, but will affect future pics....may have to just post smaller versions with links to zips of some collections.

Frankly, it's frustrating that I didn't think of this sooner, but one alternative to get around these apparent blogspot upload limits is photobucket. - ok I'm still going to have to tool around here to make sure it's the same size.  Doesn't look that way yet.


  1. As a fan of various kinds of object TFs, I really enjoy this sequence, but I do wish you'd posted a higher quality version of it.

  2. That's pretty much exactly the kind of feedback I'm looking for - among other things.

    Now I might be able to post a larger version, but it's kinda dependent on a couple things besides my schedule (probably this weekend) - is anyone else interested in a larger version or is EToaster the only person reading this blog?

  3. This is a lovely piece from start to finish. Thank you. :)

  4. I'd like to see a larger version too!