Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Arania - A Little Too Much A&M

Not really any story here at all - that's one of the great things about working with Arania. You can just give her a transformation theme and for a base price you get a great sequence. Don't need too many details or anything - although she's very flexible and great to work with when it comes to more complicated ideas too.

So here, two Texas A&M students are transforming into a cow and a chicken respectively...I'll admit it - cowgirls and poodle-girls are essentially my benchmark tfs - nearly everyone I've commissioned from (TFs at least) has wound up doing at least one of them...they're always fun to see...and that there aren't nearly enough of them (really just the poodle-girls there...there's generally a surplus - in a good way - of cow-girls) - it's just one of the ideas I like to knock out first before I start getting into other, more original concepts and designs.

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  1. You commissioned this ?
    I really like this sequence ! Thanks !