Sunday, April 18, 2010

TheMysteriousK - Change of a Different Nature

We take a break from our regularly scheduled retrospective for some new material.  First up is a short sequence I commissioned from an excellent artist - TheMysteriousK.  While some of the content is similar to what you've seen in my other commissions, the style is pretty different.  Again, I prefer to mold my commissions to fit the oeuvre of the individual artist - while still aiming for my preferred content.  I hope to have some additional, more varied demonstrations of this in the future from other artists as well.

In the meantime, themysteriousk is a fellow who not only shares my interest in fur, but really piqued my interest in poodle-girls through his original images and paintings.  He's also created a very interesting setting and theme for his images utilizing the fictional former Soviet Republic of Nadiristan - and has managed to create a very detailed background for the images he creates - culturally, historically, artistically, and even linguistically - I highly recommend that you check out the rest of his work.

This sequence takes some of his common themes and develops them over a period of time using the same 3 characters.  I present "Changing Fortunes".  Again, I must emphasize that my descriptions below really don't do the background material justice and I highly recommend checking out TheMysteriousK's gallery for more details on his creations.

This first image presents a typical scene in a cafe.  A local businesswoman and her athletically inclined friend are being served by an immigrant waitress from NE Asia.  While the Nadiristanis are attired in typically western attire, the waitress may be clearly seen to be wearing the more traditional fur skirt - all white being standard for the lower classes - emblazoned with the name of the cafe.

We now see the same characters several years in the future.  Our former waitress has improved her situation significantly by investing in, and now purchasing the cafe where she formerly served.  We can also see how the fashions have shifted to favor the more conservative elements - the businesswoman is now wearing a traditional fur skirt - and the barcode patterns appear to show that she is currently a slave.  It may be surmised that the former waitress opted for the hostile-takeover option.  On a similar note, it appears that the athletically-minded woman is participating in a fashion mix of west and east - a hobby that can become very expensive very quickly.

We come across our characters several years later - and it clear that things have not been going as well for the native Nadiristanis.  Clearly, the former-waitress has risen in the world.  Not only is the former-businesswoman clearly subservient, but the athlete's expensive tastes have cost her dearly.  The immigrant woman has bought out her sports contract and purchased her as a pet.  It appears that the poodle conversion is well under-way at this time.

And we come to the end of our tale.  The foreigner has clearly made something of herself.  The natives have been reduced to pets and decorations respectively.

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