Monday, December 16, 2013

Fashion Pageant Contestant - Darkoshen

Dan Malone - 40s - single- living in the big city hasn't been an easy life for an old country boy like Danny.  He works at a miserable job at the grocery store to make meet's ends, and comes home alone to an empty filthy apartment.  He yearns to be young again, to frolic in the farm with his animal friends.  Deep down he has always felt a strong connection to the farm animals, especially his old cow he called Margaret.  He took care of her since she was a calf. Now the only link he has to her is the milk he gets from the grocery store, which coincidentally is the only thing in his fridge. Surprisingly, he finds an invitation in the back of the sticker of the milk bottle. It's an invitation to Arianna's pageant, where dreams come true.


A strange cloud appears with a poof. The invitation is gone and the transformation begins.  Dan Malone has never felt better, now that his life as transformed. He's now Margaret La Bouff, early 20s, young ambitious girl with dreams of making it big in the modeling world. After leaving the farm, leaving her parents and her handsome boyfriend Billie Joe, she raised some money to enter the contest and follow her dreams.  And with a little help, with you, beautiful people, her dreams can become a reality for this dairy bombshell.

Sequence by Darkoshen.

Invitation by Temp-Tress.

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