Monday, December 3, 2012

suan-cat - Lolita Beauties

I know it might seem like a lot of the recent posts are for single pics vice my usual preference of sequential's just that longer commissions generally take a little longer to produce....and there have been a number of amazing opportunities to work with a veritable slew of new and talented artists (new to me....I'm well aware that many have been around longer than me).

Soooo, I hope you won't mind the occasional artistic interludes featuring something often very different than what's normally featured on the site.

I was introduced to suan-cat a little while back by cobalt_k.  She's got a very unique and beautiful style - and I was more than happy to commission two portraits from her...and I think I'll probably have to order a few more in the future - these came out so incredibly well!

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  1. Oh, I found her a couple weeks ago as well. She's a wonderful artist, and the pics came out beautifully.