Sunday, December 2, 2012

Solios - Cocktail Hour

Always looking for more renditions of my OCs - and invariably I need to run them by Solios...if I didn't actually start the design with him of course ;p  More importantly, I'm running up a larger concept idea with him - and I want to have established designs down for certain things first.

Always like to see how a different artist portrays my characters - some work better than others - it's definitely a different look for Candy, but not necessarily a bad one.  At this point in the process, I'm really not sure if I would have been better off with a more defined look for Mistress Arianna at the very start - but as my goal has always been to set her outside of time and space (a little - given her appearances), I think the flexibility works better and allows more options for the artists.

Now the setting definitely worked out beautifully!


  1. Solios has some real talent - and a very interesting art process - pencils to vectors to inks to colors, etc - the process has kept me inspired for a long time - but I've yet to progress to any actual art attempts myself.

  2. Oh, Candy, that's the wrong glass for a White Russian! (Surely that's what the Mistress would order, to take advantage of, uh, Candy's ability to provide one of the ingredients, right?)