Growing Up Gecko

Updated 2/5/13

This project has turned out to be taking a lot longer than I had originally hoped/anticipated.  I've gone through several different cycles of thoughts and opinions on how I should handle the girls here - regarding time spans, ages, etc.  There's a bit of a disconnect between what I'd personally prefer to see portrayed in the link between growing up while transforming and the reality that if I want any chance at *possibly* making back a small portion of what I spend commissioning the art for this...I need to approach the entire thing a little differently.

That said, I do still hope to be able to "develop" these girls further as characters and subjects in the near future.  Support and feedback certainly help.

The Main Attraction:

The first pic of Mac and Meg by Solios:  Sandvich Interruptus (gotta give him all the credit for that title)

Really, as I've mentioned elsewhere - the development process with Solios is truly mind-blowing - a simple idea can turn into a life-time's worth of character development, sequential image ideas and almost anything else when working with this guy - I'm really impressed.  And his style is unquestionable!

Jacques00: Sweatin' It

I had started developing these ladies as characters at this point, but I just wanted another pic of them by another artist (non-canonical really) - and Jacques00 stuff is tight as well!  Look for more by him on this site in the future.
A quick pin-up shot by Izra.

Quick color shot by Balitiger23.

Two brand new reference-type pin-ups by Solios.  This is how I truly envision the "girls" looking at during the general setting of the story (most of the initial project will be a "scrapbook" format showing them growing up and transforming) - I guess I'd place them at age 23-25 in these pics.



More reference pics - this time by my buddy Snareser:

Mac and Meg again - basic pic.

Two pinups of the girls by Wrenzephyr2 - not a bad style.

More "standard" art of Mac and Meg by CallMePo.  I have been working on more supporting characters for the prequel, but not ready to share any of those images yet.  Need to buckle down and get the script in place....

Supporting Characters: 

I’m very happy to present the first images of Dr. Margaret Athena aka “Momma” and the Rt Rev Ignatius Loyola Bismarck – “Father Iggy”.

Dean Herodotus XXXVIII by Solios.