Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sal Valia - Isher in Repose

This next piece is a little different - and I'm particularly happy with it and how it turned out as a standalone piece.'s not actually my first piece of commissioned fan-art for another artist's OC - but it's pretty close.  But this is definitely the first piece of art commissioned specifically in response to an artist I found through Cheasy's podcasts.

Sal Valia was featured on S2E2 of the Changing Times transformation podcast.  Through his participation, I found out about his excellent transformation-themed fantasy comic "The Out Of Placers."  I gotta say, he's really done an excellent job with world-building here.  A number of different, unique races and species - very different from the average fantasy tropes - he goes into some detail on the background on the podcast which I highly recommend.  The characters themselves are well formed and grow on you very fast.  This became an instant must-read for me after I went through the archives and I look forward to every new post. of the few webcomics that's ever resonated with me on a really emotional scale - ie. this strip.  Talk about sad.

Anyhoo....I love the character of Isher - and she does have some similarities to some of the other characters I've been working on.  After seeing this pic of her - I really had to commission something too.

Guard duty's really not the best time to be daydreaming.  Ya never know what those sneaky yinglets will get up to behind your back.

Smaller version:

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