Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cheasy-Dino - Changing Times S2E3

Well, this is one unique piece.  I was invited a few months ago to participate in Cheasy-Dino's TF-themed podcast "Changing Times."  It was a real honor to participate in this sort of project - my first time ever - and my first real skype session too ;p  In retrospect, I should have listened to the rest of the episodes beforehand to get a better feel for things, but I think it turned out really well (but boy...I'm a little long-winded when it comes down to it).  Next time I'll try and prep some more specific references rather than droning on and on.  I did have some specific artists in mind when I made some of my comments, but I hope they weren't too specific and that nobody takes offense at my personal opinions here.  Both Cheasy-Dino and Pheagle were really great folks to talk with and I enjoyed myself immensely! 

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