Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Donation Art Update - "Support Group"

Well, I wasn't necessarily expecting this to be the next donation art project completed, but that's neither here nor there.

I am extremely pleased to present the first donation art project of 2015 and the first one by master artist Zdemian!

In this case, I can't claim credit for the witty writing - I gave zdemian a set of scenarios I wanted to see and they fit them together into a new and totally unique piece that turned out amazingly well.  I cannot emphasize how much I love the transformations featured in this piece.  I mean, I know they've been putting out an excellent comic on a regular basis - both in artwork and writing - but seeing that skill applied to my imagination really takes things to another level (IMO ;p).

In fact, if you like this piece (and I certainly hope you do) - I urge you to check out their Patreon too!  New comic pages for a variety of pieces are posted every week as well as many, many sketch requests.

Available exclusively through the donation project. 18 pages (including cover) with 16 fullsize, full color comic pages in a high quality pdf file.  Bimboization, multiple, TG (M2F), BE, multi-breasts, multiple animal-girl transformations, inanimate transformations, etc.  Nudity.  For only $7.50 - and 30% of that goes directly to the artist!

Once more - just take $1 off the total donation amount for each additional project after the first one - but - as always - please list all the project names in your donation note.

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