Saturday, November 1, 2014

Caption Challenge Results!

Wow!  Some stiff competition.  Glad I slept on it.

The concepts are solid in all of them but for captions, it's also a matter of meshing the images and ideas with clear text.

I think I'm going to have to give the Single Caption and Sequence Caption prizes to TG-Spain! Excellent selection of images all around and very legible captions.  The progress of related costumes was an excellent selection.

Single Caption:

 Sequence Caption:

Now, obviously I'm a sucker for poodle-girls, but I really like the way TheUnthinker worked in the combination of mental and physical changes in The Best Fur in Town.  It's a little harder to read with the uniform text, but it still works

Thanks again for all the participation.  I love seeing themed captions....not sure yet if I'll be running more direct contests in the future or just offering commissions, but feel free to drop me a note if you have suggestions.

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