Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jitensha - Watch what you eat (!)

This sequence is a little weirder than most of mine posted so far.  So much weirder in fact, that I'm putting the full sequence after the break (see also the labels for a full description).  While I still consider it clean overall, I know not everyone appreciates this kind of content.

Originally inspired by this piece by the Gammetelier.  Needed to find someone who didn't mind working the concept in a process format and Jitensha was more than happy to help.

Again, not much of a story to speak of - the first page was actually added as an afterthought (hence the "page 0") to provide a little more explanation/"context".  As usual it started with an image or two that I wanted to see and needed to work something in before and after it.

I'll probably try working with the concept a little more in the future.  I like the digestive treatment transformation concept even though it's barely even been used.  Think it started with a story I read years ago in some anthology - can't remember title or author...then again, come to think of it, that might not have even been the catalyst.  Just one of those weird mental associations.

Still, if you like the idea, feel free to drop me a line via comments or email...

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  1. Nice and interesting piece, I'd like to see more of these kind of TFs.