Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Snareser - A Different Sort of Commission

Different in more ways than one as I'm sure is pretty obvious from the outset. Pretty much my only commission of established characters (barring the April O'Neil lookalike that Solios did for me).

Big fan of all the characters represented here - actually went and had Snareser send me the originals - planning on getting them matted and framed eventually - I'll post a pic here whenever that does happen. stuff - love the Lovecraft Mythos and seeing it's incorporation in a variety of stories. Granted Goon hasn't really come up across too much of it, and Benedict's encounters with the supernatural are a little different, but in the right universe, I could totally see this scene happening ;p

I'm gonna have to work in a few more comic type commissions as well if they all turn out this well...

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