Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Zanfadar/Muhboobz - The Long Weekend 1

So - as is the tradition here, now that "The Long Weekend" has been formally removed from the Donation Project, it will be posted here in full - although just for fun, I think I'll spread it out over the entire month with a post a day.

As mentioned previously, this was a fun comic idea I had percolating for a long time before I finally got with Zanfadar to illustrate it - and then it took a little longer before I worked out a good coloring arrangement with Muhboobz.  We all appreciate the donations that supported it over the last few years.  There are several more projects pending in the pipeline and your ongoing support helps make it possible.  Thanks! 

And away we go!  Story by Thrandrall, pencils/inks by Zanfadar, colors by Muhboobz.

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