Donation Art

UPDATED: 9/15/17

A New Project:

After giving it considerable thought and some discussion with the artists initially involved, I’ve resolved to try a new project.  I remain committed to continuing to commission new artwork from a variety of sources to share with folks, but my resources are not inexhaustible.  I consider myself very fortunate to have a stable job, which is more than many folks have right now, including many of the artists I’ve worked with.

With that in mind, I’m attempting something new.  Not a straight request for donations and not trying to straight up sell anything…an attempt at a merger of sorts.  Whether or not anyone else sees it that way... A donation in support of future commissions will get you an exclusive art sequence commissioned from one or more of several of the many artists I’ve had the good fortune to work with. 

Each sequence was already paid for in full by me – but a significant portion (30%) of your donation will also go directly to the artist whose work you choose (on a monthly basis for logistical purposes).  So for a donation of $5 (the minimum), $1.50 will go directly to the artist.

While there are only five projects available at this time, I aim to have more available periodically.

Before going any further, I will be honest up front.  This is a first-time venture, and my job keeps me very busy – additionally, I don’t have any particularly complicated set-up available.  When I receive a notification email from paypal, I’ll send you zips of the pic sets you request (using your paypal email address or any other address you include in the note) – but I make no guarantees on turnaround time.  My goal is 12-24 hours.  From time to time however, I may have to suspend all operations all together if I have to go out of town for work (and will post notifications in advance).

My intention here is to provide a showcase for some of the highest quality work by a number of very talented artists.  To that end, these projects will in many cases be significantly larger than some of the normal pieces I post on my site – although I still have plenty of big ones in the works for the main page.  On the forums and elsewhere, I see plenty of folks talking about how they wish they had enough to commission a piece from an artist – think of a donation here as your chance to support one of your favorite artists and get a brilliant piece of work for a small price.

That said, it hardly needs to be said that these pieces are not to be freely distributed on “teh interwebs” – I’ve already discussed this proposal with each artist in turn and they have been more than willing to give the project a shot – please respect their work and their wishes as well.


With that in mind, a look at the currently featured projects:

 ZD032015 - Support Group - story and art by Zdemian - $7.50

Zdemian is one excellent artist.  But not only do they excel with transformation artwork, but they are top notch when it comes to writing, particularly with witty dialog and humor - a regular contestant in the art contests, I've finally managed to commission a full comic from zdemian.  Full disclosure - in this case, I only gave them the breakdown of what I wanted to see and let them go to work on fitting those transformations into a comic of their own design - and "Support Group" is the end result.  I couldn't be happier with how it turned out - and I'm sure that you will be too!

18 pages (including cover) with 16 fullsize, full color comic pages in a high quality pdf file.  Bimboization, multiple, TG (M2F), BE, multi-breasts, multiple animal-girl transformations, inanimate transformations, etc.  Nudity.

NS042015 - Satisfied Customers - art by Navetsea - $7.50

For this project, we're transitioning back to La De Baucherie Magique and it's proprietress Mistress Arianna.  This piece just follows a few customers who come across the store while window-shopping - and their experiences.  Includes general LDB tropes including Candy (with a slightly more conventional look), and the Wishing Stones.

21 pages (including cover) with full B and W comic pages in a high quality pdf file - some color elements on key images.  Multiple TG sequences (M2F and F2M), BE, multi-breasts, multiple animal-girl transformations, inanimate transformations, some shrinking, clothing transformations, implied AP/time shifts, some BE/body swelling/pregnancy.  Nudity.  As a bonus - this zip file also includes a 2nd pdf that includes the full project in the original B and W pencils only.

 DPM062016 - Weird AB Tales #1 - Sudden Diaper Syndrome - art by Dr. Gonz, Pink Diapers and MamaBliss - $12.50

My first true anthology project.  A strange new condition is affecting women across the world.  We see the first three incidents recorded in detail with a more general look at the eventual worldwide epidemic.  Three individual chapters followed by a bookend/capstone story - at least partially in the format of the classic pulp comics - see also the parody title.  This story dates back at least to mid-2011 and hasn't seen too many iterations/drafts since it's apologies in advance for any conceptual inconsistencies.  Each chapter is illustrated by a different artist - although one of them also pulled double time with the capstone portion.  Increased cost reflects supporting multiple artists in addition to the page count.

47 full color comic pages (48 including cover) in a high quality pdf file.  Multiple slow process sequences involving clothing changes, hair growth, mental changes, AB/DL, some AR.  Limited nudity. 

MD112016 - Monster Makeover - art by Mr-DNA - $7.50

Soooo, reaching back to the depths of the classic monsters, we have a haunted house motif for this Halloween - illustrated (and with additional dialog) by none other than the master of Halloween horror - Mr-DNA!  Some crazy college kids heading out for a weekend of partying wind up stuck at a spooky, abandoned mansion - that seems to have special plans for them.  All good, clean content here - if a little goofy in the spirit of things - but lots of fun!

26 B and W pages (with color tints) in a high quality pdf file.  Multiple classic monster transformations, including TG, body swaps, and other weirdness (and cameo appearances by other site favorites).  No nudity.


As some of these projects are a little more variable in pricing than others - if you'd like to combine more than one - just take $1 off the total donation amount for each additional project after the first one - but - as always - please list all the project names in your donation note.

In every case, as stated before, 30% of your total donation will go to the artist whose sequence you choose.  If you happen to donate in order to receive all three sequences, each artist will receive the same amount – at least $1.50 each depending on the total amount of the donation.  There’s no maximum donation limit.