Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Donation Art Update - "Monster Makeover"

Just in time for Halloween, my major project for the season has been wrapped up by none other than Mr-DNA (that amazing artist of Halloween horror!).  This project truly reaches back to my TF roots over 20 years ago with my fantasies of haunted houses transforming people into variations of the classic Universal monsters.  It was fun finally putting the concepts on the pages and even more fun working with Mr-DNA and seeing what amazing designs he came up with and how he was able to bring the characters to life (exceeding many of my mental visualizations).

I am very happy to present "Monster Makeover" - and while it won't supersede any of the other existing donation projects for the time being, I do hope to have several other Halloween themed pics ready to post in a few days in keeping with the general season.  I have a number of additional projects still outstanding and will keep producing artwork with willing artists to the best of my ability over the upcoming months.

"Monster Makeover" is a 26 page comic available for a small donation of $7.50 - 1/3 of which will go directly back to the artist while the rest will continue to fund new art!  Thanks for the support and have a great holiday!


  1. I'm assuming this won't have any ABDL or AR content?

    1. No ABDL content - just human to monster transformations. No adult content either. There's more details on the Donation Art page.

  2. I just donated 7.50 . . . uh, I didn't get the download link.

  3. We're can I donate for the link