Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween 2016!

So, aside from "Monster Makeover" I had a few small projects planned, but I waited a little long to get some of them out of the planning stages due to international trips, cross-country drives and job hunting.

That said, we do have a few quickies (older and newer) - not all Halloween, but this is a great time for a catch-up post.

First is a participatory pic from Sutibaruart's Spooky Switches - monthlong Halloween sketch theme.  Really would have liked to have gotten in on a few more of these, but time was so tight.  Glad I was finally able to commission some art from this artist.

Still, this little concept turned out really sweetly:

Next we have a two piece mini-sequence from Synthean (I believe the full sequence will be available at their HF gallery).  This will be cross-posted to Gift Art when I get around to it.

 Lastly, a stream commission from immortaltom that I should have gotten around to posting a long time ago and just never managed.

Hope everyone has a great holiday.  I'm definitely looking forward to moving into a new place tomorrow and starting a new job in a few weeks.  Stay tuned for more new art though - the ideas just keep coming.

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