Monday, October 26, 2015

BlueBaronDL - Staying Hydrated

Just got back in a running mode lately.  For nearly this entire year I've been doing my cardio on a stationary bike - mostly just because I can do it in my garage on my schedule (ie. 4:30 in the morning or in the afternoon after work).  I'd prefer to run outside, but out in the country, I don't feel too safe trying to run on the side of the road - not when someone like me is driving anyways (much less the other guys).  There are a few other options, but they just don't mesh with my schedule.

Still, they did just recently open a new gym near work and they've got some amazing new treadmills - all kinds of great features - including interactive trail runs across the US and New Zealand and Germany - among others.  Very cool, and fitting very nicely with my schedule lately.

Either way - a big part of getting out and running is staying hydrated.  You gotta keep getting that water - it really keeps you going.

Of this case, there might be something in the water.  I mean...why else would that park be completely abandoned?

Some beautiful work by new artist BlueBaronDL - check him out.  He's got some great prices and works very quickly.


  1. This is such a well thought-out sequence. All that running seems to have been undone as she has developed a plump little muffin top. I also like that it's just AB and not actual AR. She just plumps up to gain the baby fat without shrinking and she seems to be fully aware of it at all stages. The last two frames showing her inability to run any more with all the padding between her legs and the final panel just being reserved to sitting in the sandbox sucking on the bottle, fully babied up. More like this would be very welcome! I'd love to pay for a donation project with more like this theme!

  2. Waddling very far will certainly prove to be a challenge compared to running.

  3. Absolutely love it. I hope we see more AB and/or AR work in the future, it's been a long time!