Monday, October 5, 2015

AutumnNatural - Body Art (1)

'Circa 1970 or so, a young airman on leave hits up the back alleys of Bangkok.  He's heard rumors about a tattoo parlor in the area run by a very special woman.  The name he was given didn't match what he was seeing on the sign in front of him, but then he can't speak Thai either.

He can't quite place the look of the woman greeting him either.  She's very attractive, but there's a real sense of age around her as well.  Almost something mystical - so....this must be the right place.  He'd heard from one of the guys in his unit - a real tattoo aficionado - that there were some artists out there who could do magical things with the ink - the right image in the right place could make all the difference.

Now this creation - this art would be what he needed back in Saigon - something to keep him safe, keep him brave.


  1. Of fucking course it's Mistress Arianna

    1. Yes, what a shock - it's actually easier and less time consuming to reuse an OC who can be conveniently moved from time to time and place to place - and is portrayed differently albeit still recognizably by different artists - than building a new character from scratch for every single commission.