Tuesday, October 6, 2015

AutumnNatural - Body Art (2)

Madam Ari (as she went locally) sighed - she loved the region this time of century, but she could never get over the heat and humidity that hung in the air - it just drained a gal, no matter how young she might feel.  And feeling drained....sometimes you just lost track of things - forget the simple things that were normally so easy to focus on. 

Now which design was it....she couldn't remember....some sort of creature....something that would keep him safe.  Even if she couldn't find the right one, she did have several designs with similar properties - and it was going on his back after all.  If she handled this right, he might never notice any kind of mix-up.

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  1. She could have asked him which one was the one he wanted but we wouldn't have a transformation, now would we? lol