Sunday, July 5, 2015

The next big project

Well, I've got a nice new multi-character sequence by solios - almost ready to post.  It's kinda similar to An Accident Waiting to Happen - but different in a number of ways too.

That said, I want to try something a little different this time around.  I know posting has been a little slower lately.  My trip took a bit of time, I've been really busy at work and I just started an online graduate program as well.  Still, there are a number of tight projects in the works and with this specific project, I wanted to try a little more audience interaction.

With this next project - I want to do a near-short/immediate term follow-up project.  It will involve viewer voting on a few different topics as well as asking you folks to put your money where your mouth is as far as what you want to see.  It's really a micro-crowdfunding attempt - a little behind the times - and only through my normal paypal format - and wholly separate from the normal Donation Project.  I think patreon might be a good option in the longer term, but for this first little experiment, I'll stick with what's been working so far.

Stay tuned for more details this week.

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