Saturday, July 18, 2015

Solios - Field Trials 2

13JUL15 2200 GMT (H+2) 

{AI recognizes voiceprint of Chairwoman Francesco - automatic recording systems activated}
"Alright ladies and gentlemen, I'm back. What are we tracking now in response to this event?"

"Full audio/visual surveillance in place throughout the dwelling and surrounding neighborhood (such as it is) - they won't be able to make a move without us knowing it."

"Good to hear - wait a sec - where's the third individual?  The perp - he's the one we should be watching most closely."

"Nothing to worry about Chairwoman - he left a little while ago to procure additional sustenance - the advance security team has been tracking his every move and reporting in.  The full recovery team should be in place no later than midnight local."

"That's a relief - and speak of the devil!  Wow!  Looks like TP06MN is more than just theoretical at this point.  Are we able to get readings from any of the surveillance monitors at this time?"

"With the facility limitations - not much more than heartbeat monitors, body temps and the other basics - overall, we are reading increased stats across the board - nothing life threatening, but certainly indicative of significant 'development' per the research paperwork transmitted by the Assistant Director."

"One more thing Chairwoman - Director Heinrich and his head of security - are both on board a jet and en route.  They should be here in the next few hours - awaiting ETA confirmation due to weather conditions."

"Sounds good.  Keep me posted - and keep pulling every piece of data you can out of that shithole - we can't use these readings for anything official, but every piece of information will help target the future trials."
{voiceprint ends, pause recording}


One quick note that was pointed out to me - if by chance you're running noscript or something similar, the poll probably won't show up for you on the left hand column.  If you want to vote, just allow temp permissions for the site - I promise there are no ads/bugs here :)  I woulda thought more folks would want to see justice meted out on more characters :)  Thanks!

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