Monday, July 13, 2015

Solios - Field Trials 1

13JUL15 2000 GMT. 

{AI recognizes voiceprint of Chairwoman Francesco - automatic recording systems activated}
"How the holy hell did they just walk out with classified samples?....Samples of what?  Well you damn well find out in the next 60 seconds or you'll be in the lockup with the rest of them - what kind of frigging facility are you running down there?  Call me back.

"So, you've got the perp id'd right?  I want a current visual now."

"Lesse, looking at his address, I think I can get in through the entertainment system - bringing something up now."

"Talk about your shitshows - this has Yakima Valley rerun written all over it - and we don't even have it contained this time."

"Working on that Ma'am - security team dispatched and en route."

"What a dump - if HR is scraping the bottom of the barrel to man security at that facility, it'd be better to cut our losses and shutter that one - take a note.  Hold on a sec....That joker was working security?!?  Get Heinrich back on the line ASAP - I want him AND his head of security in my office first light tomorrow. - No I don't want to talk to that imbecile again - get a list of what he's missing and get both of them on a plane now."

"Alright Chairwoman, we just got the validated inventory numbers from the Assistant Director - looks like samples of three experimental pharmaceuticals were taken at this time.  Ahhhh, here's the designations - JY89BR - appears to be an anti-nausea medication for cancer patients - designed to negate some of the more painful side effects of chemo; HE36YU - intended to increase weight gain and maximize caloric intake --- oooh, that one's actually for livestock....and lessee, the third one confirmed missing....well according to the current abstract sample TP06MN is purely in the research stages still - not sure how they wound up with so much of it....and hold on....if I'm looking at the numbers right, those dosages are extremely concentrated - maybe about 100 times the expected dosage per unit weight - sounds like this facility was shorting us in more than a few ways."

"A hundred to one?  Sounds like we may not need to wait too long to find out what TP06MN is for after all - I'm designating this event I3BXXXY071315-1.  Tech - see if you can get me an audio feed through that input - we may as well start recording for posterity." 

"Just one more thing Ma'am....the list of potential side effects for each of these is several pages long - and that's just from the rodent-testing phase - the submissions for primate testing were just submitted on each of these last week."

"Well, we might still get something out of this - let's see the FDA try shutting down this batch of 'field testing' - we're 100% liability free this time around.  Carry on with the assessment.  Record EVERYTHING!" {voiceprint ends, pause recording}

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