Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Snareser - I am the Law!

A new, very beautiful piece by snareser/StockmanArt - I always try and snag a project from him when he's got slots open.  I've still got a few more pics by him that are being saved for another, larger project, that'll probably get posted here eventually.

"Control, Dredd - scratch that meat wagon request, Resyk can take 'em."

As long as you're checking out the new additions to the gallery - be sure to check out the new books Snareser's been working on: the TPB of Anti-Hero just came out - waiting on my copy, but I can testify from the e-versions - it's a tight little piece with some excellent art and a very well handled story.  I'm also waiting to check out my copies of his new series Reyn - hopefully I'll make it to my comic store sooner or later :)

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