Saturday, April 11, 2015

Donation Art Update - "Satisfied Customers"

One of my little surprises for this weekend - a new piece of Donation Art for the project

A beautiful piece by Navetsea - in his very unique and recognizable style!

For this project, we're transitioning back to La De Baucherie Magique and it's proprietress Mistress Arianna.  This piece just follows a few customers who come across the store while window-shopping - and their experiences.  Includes general LDB tropes including Candy (with a slightly more conventional look), and the Wishing Stones.

Available exclusively through the donation project - 21 pages (including cover) with full B&W comic pages in a high quality pdf file - some color elements on key images - for a donation of at least $7.50 - and 30% of that goes directly to the artist!

Multiple TG sequences (M2F and F2M), BE, multi-breast, multiple animal-girl transformations, inanimate transformations, some shrinking, clothing transformations, implied AP/time shifts, some BE/body swelling/pregnancy.  Nudity.  As a bonus - this zip file also includes a 2nd pdf that includes the full project in the original B&W pencils only for those purists out there.

Once more - just take $1 off the total donation amount for each additional project after the first one - but - as always - please list all the project names in your donation note.


  1. I'm not sure why there is so little feedback. Personally I'm more in the TF aspects than the TG so I usually skip the pure TG posts since they're not my thing. (talking about the content in general more than the donation art ). I've donated to you in the past too! -J

  2. Looks like another great project. Also to Navetsea I really like your art and would comment on your BlogSpot posts but it all requires profiles I don't have.